The Positive Impact of Sports in My Life

As a young child, sports had been introduced and encouraged in an early stage of my life, Such as my older brother playing football to my older sister successfully playing basketball in high school and moving on to play division I basketballi My younger brothers have also been involved in football as well. During my time, my mother would always encourage me to try out new things and would always try to introduce me to playing sports At first, I was kind of reluctant since everyone felt as ifl should follow my older sister’s footsteps and pursue basketball, but one day my mom had showed me a flyer to try out for the YMCA club volleyball when 1 was in the 4th grade and I seemed to take an interest to its Ever since then, I had a love for the game and continued to play throughout middle school, high school, and college My participation in sports during my high school years have influenced me greatly without even realizing it.

Playing volleyball has shown me various life lessons that can be applied to the real world.

Volleyball is team sport, you cannot succeed without one another as well as teaches you how to trust your teammates and yourself as well, I have overcome challenges with my teammates as well as learning from our mistakes togethen I’ve also had the responsibility to hold myself and others accountable, I had to allow myself to take instruction, not only from my coach, but from my teammates as welli These life lessons can not only help with my personal life, but within the workplace toot Other ways that sports during my high school years have influenced me is that I’ve met many of my friends through athletics It kept me out of trouble because I was too busy with volleyball in order to be in such a predicament as well as it encouraged me to succeed in the classroom because without the good grades, you wouldn‘t be eligible to play with the team Sports has also influenced me to stay active, even on my lazy days when I’d rather do nothing and sit on the couch all day.

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Playing sports helps push myself to be a better me. I am very competitive in nature and want to be the best in what I do. Receiving awards and recognition had even pushed me further and influenced me to continue, Playing in high school had also influenced me to further my career into college. My participation in has influenced my career goals as well. Many athletes can take their talents overseas and play for international teams, This sparked an interest for me as I love to travel and I’ve always wanted to travel internationally. I could enjoy doing what I love by playing volleyball while traveling to different countries. In case this particular career goal does not work out for me, I don’t want to necessarily take myself away from volleyball. Maybe I could become an assistant or head coach in order to keep myself involved in volleyball or I could even potenLially take stats or commentate games. My participation in sports have influenced how I relate to my family because in one point in time in all of our individual lives we have participated in one sport or more during our lifetime.

My mom had mentioned to me the sports that she had participated in back in her Lime in high school as well as the sports that she tried to introduce me and my sister into when we were kids. Sports has also influenced the way that we bond, Many of us are fans of college basketball, professional basketball, college football, professional football, and other sports of that nature. When our favorite teams are playing it usually unites us to sit down and watch together along with our individual competitive nature about who is going to win. We can often talk about our accomplishments as well during the time that we had played a sport competitively. I encourage everyone to at least try to participate in a spon regardless if it is competitively or recreationally. Participating in sports not only exposes you to lessons that you can take with you for a lifetime, but you may meet individuals that may last for a lifetime as well as good networking contacts if you choose to do 50. Sports is a fun way to stay active as well as relieve stress If I had the opportunity to do it all over again, I would.

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