The Population in the Philippines Are Mostly LGBTQ Members

A large percentage of the population in the Philippines are mostly LGBTQ members. Their community was not widely accepted at first but as time passed by, heterosexuals, slowly learned to accept them. Since then, they were welcomed but of course, there are still people who does not accept and still discriminates homosexuals. This is where SOGIE bill enters, a law that protects LGBTQ members from discrimination. Based from House Bill No. 4982 or “An Act prohibiting Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity or Expression (SOGIE) and Providing Penalties”, this bill ensures the rights of each LGBTQ members.

It is a bill that extends equal rights to all persons, it does not violate the rights of straight people, It won’t even harm straight people. Actually, this is the first bill that protects LGBTQ community.

Some people just misunderstood the real essence behind it and why it should be passed as a law. They don’t really understand what does it implement and for what reason it should be implemented.

They strongly opposed because they said that there are already many existing laws that safeguard the rights of every citizen against discrimination. The laws that already passed were anti-discrimination bill but it was never SOGIE-specific. People who strongly opposed to this bill said that if there’s this kind of law then there should also be an act for the victims of discrimination in height like “Anti-Short stature act”, like, what kind of thinking is that, right? This SOGIE bill focuses on the rights of every homosexuals, homosexuals who are being discriminated, homosexuals who are suffering everyday.

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The problem in the anti-discrimination bills that were already passed was first, it does not give the rights to homosexuals. Second, homosexuals still suffer from discrimination. Lastly, those bills never changed their way of living in our country. They still don’t feel welcome because how can you feel welcome and love if every person you passed by every time you walk, always set their eyes on you, judge you and make fun of you.

They always feel like they don’t belong and being who they are, being true to themselves, is already a big sin. The purpose of SOGIE bill is to let every person, specifically the LGBTQ members, feel safe. Its purpose is to recognize each LGBTQ individual as equals and ensures that their rights are protected as much as everyone is. For me, since it protects LGBTQ members from discrimination and it ensures equal rights to every person, SOGIE bill should be passed as a law. SOGIE bill should be passed as a law because like what I said earlier, it protects LGBT persons from discrimination. LGBT persons, specifically kids or teens who are scared to come out because of the threat of discrimination against them, will be relieved because this bill also indicates that it will provide programs to protect LGBT members in schools which would be awesome. I really can’t imagine the hardships they went through because of discrimination and how hard it was for them living in the closet because of their fear, the fear that they might not be accepted and be discriminated. If this SOGIE bill will be passed as a law, I think that fear, even the fears of LGBTQ adults, somehow, might fade away.

It will protect them and it will also provide programs for non-discrimination and diversity in schools and workplaces. It will penalize employers who discriminate LGBTQ persons. All members of LGBTQ, won’t be afraid now knowing that they are protected and they have equal access as what straight people have. They’ll be living like they are still treated now as a human. Every person should be treated the way they should want to be treated. If it weren’t for those who harm and discriminate persons from LGBTQ community then there won’t be a problem. Our world is so cruel, it needs to be stopped. In conclusion, this bill should be passed as a law. It is a law for everyone, it just focuses on LGBTQ members because they really suffer the most and people who agrees like me just wants to protect them. We should treat them the way they should be because they are still humans and in fact, the bill extends to all persons. Gay or straight, everything that does harm to a person is punishable by law. It applies to every person, and what I mean by that, it doesn’t just apply to straight persons, it applies to EVERYONE. I believe that every single person deserves respect, it doesn’t have an exception.

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