The Politics in Professional Sports

Sports and Politics were never separated, Politics is involved with almost everything that exists and something with such unnecessary importance such as sports is no different. Women haven’t been allowed in sports for most of history, and it was constantly claimed to be because of their biology. Men of color haven‘t been allowed to participate with white men for most of history as well. Already politics are involved at that point. Sports constantly promote sexism, homophobia, and hypermasculinity. To not include politics is just a wish to remain ignorant.

There are so many incidents of “patriotism” in big sport teams and on television; such as the team mascot beating a man in an Arab costume, or the channel literally being sponsored by the United States Military Sports do not exist in a vacuum where their actions have no effect in real life. People see that and then act racist in real life, This is beyond just entertainment.

This is propaganda for the government It‘s saying that women and other typed of men shouldn’t be enjoying sports at all it‘s saying that other religions are wrong.

it’s saying that the US military is the epitome of manliness. This is politics already, and there is no use trying to deny it There is so much pressure for Male athletes to keep up an ideal, a “one true image” of what it means to be a man, This man is typically white, and big and strong, and he is clearly heterosexual.

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Anyone who doesn’t fit this narrow category is shamed endlessly. Only a handful of men involved in athletics have come out of the closet as being homosexual, and almost all of them have waited until they retired from playing They’re afraid to be outside of this strict definition of being a man. Other’s become hostile when they realize someone is homosexual. It challenges their ideal of manhood, and they claim they don‘t want to be political, when they really mean they want things to stay the same. The only reason that these men want to keep “sports and politics separate” is because they want to silence those speaking out.

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