The Pivotal Changes in My Life in College

In Iife their are many moments that come to a person life and changes their life foreverl Such moments are unique as they form the genesis of a good or bad life following that event. For me it happened a few years ago when I enrolled in college This occasion changed my life and brought me fame and prestige, It all started when I was a freshman in college, and I was struggling a lot with my course. It was my second day on campus, and l was strolling around the campus pavilion, Besides, I was very confused, and I did not have anyone to guide me for the few days I had been on campus On the same day, there were a lot of school recreational activities which were taking place at most of the lecture halls and the Amphitheatre I had no enough clue of what exactly was happening, but I decided to peep in every hall I passed by.

Students from different campuses were displaying and showing their different talents The fair was usually in November near the year’s finale.

It was like an event to mark the year’s success.

Few freshmen like me had gotten themselves in the activities, for that reason, everyone was idling around the school just like L we not only struggling with our courses especially the engineering students like me, but also we had no clue of things that usually take place on campus Personally, I doubted that I would manage even to score good grades in college Likewise, few college clubs had involved the freshmen in their various activities, A typically overwhelmed campus first year like me, was obvious for him to wander around the hall and finally I managed to get to the school‘s cafeteria for some coffee.

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I sipped the drink as I listened to the activities that took place at the Amphitheatre, which was a stone throw distance from the cafeteria. The events taking place in the Amphitheatre became more interesting to me, and finally, I decided to go to peep from the window naively. Several students were displaying their various talentst They seemed so perfect, and you could hardly guess who was to win At the VIP seats, there were great musicians from my country and above all my favorite break- dancer who was amongst thejudges.

I wished at the end of the event he could just perform at least one dance. I thought that would have made my day, which seemed to be boring. It was around four past mid-day when I heard the event coordinator ask students to continue registering, inclusive of those who had not done it earlier on That set a smile on my heart, but I was never courageous enough. I took around ten to five minutes before coming up with a solid final decision. Two voices were speaking to me, one from my heart which was for me to try and the other one from my outside being which tried to convince me that I was not courageous enough to dare the large congregation. However, I managed to come up with a good decision which was for me to go and try my luck. Without much, hesitation I rush to the registration desk, and I registered my name in the dance talent section I anxiously waited for the ahead students to perform so they can give me space to show my talent, Dancing has been an important part of my life for many years. Before my performance> I went to the washrooms where I danced as I looked at myself in the mirror, the dance seemed perfect according to what I saw in the mirror, Finally, my name was called I begun to walk towards the stage. When we arrived at Amphitheatre the screams grew louder and louder. I was amazed at how excited everyone was, I could hear my mom yelling my name.

She just kept screaming my name, There was screaming and flickers of the flashes of the cameras. The older students psyched me and I become more vibrant in my performance. After finishing my thrilling performance, everyone was up standing including Garrick who was the best dancer in my country. He lifted me up and said to the congregation that, I was the person he has been looking for so long, He promised to make me one of his best dancers on his dance crew. That was touching, and from that moment, my life changed in all aspects, including finance, social life and even my academic life This day was so special and memorable as it was the only day I felt like I had achieved something significant in my my heart and my mind I knew this day was the beginning of a wonderful journey, For sure this was a turning point moment in life that I will cherish for long.

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