"The pilgrims years of the colorless Mr. Tazaki" by Haruki Murakami. Review

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The following sample essay on: ” “The pilgrims years of the colorless Mr. Tazaki” by Haruki Murakami. Review”. The people of  novel talk a lot about their feelings. The desire for harmony, security and love is overshadowed by vulnerability, heartbreak and sadness.

Tsukuru Tazaki is only twenty, and has already been invested for six months in a major life crisis. He studied engineering at the University of Tokyo, but really interests him nothing. He longs cause death. Then not only he would no longer exist for the world, but also the world for him.

What may be a wise and hopeful young man look at the world so gloomy? It is the abrupt breaking a long-standing friendship, Tsukuru bothers. In the tenth grade his high school in Nagoya they had found by chance, the three boys and two girls in a “chemical successful combination” remained until the end of their schooling conspired as a gang of five. Nevertheless, there was in this “Pentagon” a permanent tension.

Pairs were formed, “would inevitably become a fifth wheel on the wagon.” And Tsukuru suffered constantly from this fear. If one were dropped, then probably it. Despite many similarities he gave namely not quite perfectly into the grid. For the last names of the other four contain the colors red, blue, white and black; “Tazaki” however, is colorless – and Tsukuru a boring average person with no special talents and hobbies. Of course, he knows that “there is no question of character is if anyone had a color in his name or not,” “felt so he is excluded from the start a little” yet.

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as a self-fulfilling prophecy fulfilled his premonition – but at what a mysterious way! After he took up his studies in Tokyo, it attracts Tzukuru on holiday regularly to friends in the hometown. However, they can soon deny the phone. Finally, friend Ao reports and shares on behalf of all of that they want to be no more contact Tzukuru; the reason he could think of that yourself.

Tzukuru as stunned. He can make no sense of it. But he does not dare ask. Too deep fear sitting in front, with some flaw that the others have found him to be confronted.

For sixteen years remains the trauma Tsukurus secret. The unassuming, introverted man working in Tokyo at the planning office of a railway company, when he meets in a bar Sara. They meet again, Tsukuru invites her to his apartment, they have sex, and over time summarizes Tsukuru confidence to Sarah, and gives a little about themselves. He tells her why he stations, tracks and trains as a child so fascinated that he is quite gone his life to the railway consistently.

Finally, he comes to speak on the matter, at which he so ” had suffered appalling “that he wanted to forget forever. Sara can not understand that Tsukuru never pursued the matter and has never revealed the reason for the end of the friendship. She keeps this kind of repression even “dangerous”, because nothing could be “buried” to “wipe out” or make “undo” without “his inner being [to] kill”. She wants to save him, and she tightened her insistence with the threat that she could not continue their relationship without having the “something” that will be pushed between them, educates.

Since Tsukuru has no Choice. On the Internet, he tracks down the addresses and then searches all ex-boyfriends individually and unannounced. What did they tell him and what they had nachgeredet him then, surpasses Tsukurus worst fears and brings the reader a true shocker after another

The search for the lost truth Haruki Murakami established a tension member.: the aim is to remain a momentous crime on the trail. More important is the author, however, the ambitious, artful treatment of his novel, which also serves the key symbolism of colors. You are assigned to the different characteristics and preferences of the protagonists. Also the “Colorless” has a speaking surname, because “Tazaki” put the statement “do something” and he also follows this design. As a hobbyist in childhood and later as a designer

Mr Tazakis “colorlessness “manifests itself in a false perception of itself, a lack of confidence that neither the successful career can still remedy the viable relationship with Sara. He compares himself to a form without content, suffers from the constant “fear that I say something wrong or do … and Sara into thin air.” racked with relationship fears, the homo faber limits his social life one that avoids people.

With the theme of inner emptiness linked Murakami musical themes. In particular, Franz Liszt’s “Années de pèlerinage” ( “Years of Pilgrimage”) and from specifically “Le mal du pays” Tsukuru agree deeply melancholic and lonely

It was not until a friend from the clique opens his eyes. “And even if you are an empty vessel, what does it matter? Then you are just a very wonderful, attractive vessel. … It is enough but to be a vessel with a beautiful shape. this is so irresistible that you get involuntarily desire put something into it. ” The message is simple (So Mom comforts her child after having collected his first five.), The metaphor is old-fashioned and bumpy (Will you pretty box fill ?), The kitchen therapy naive, but so well-intentioned, the patient that starts it. Another strange metaphor, this time after all of his profession ( “So you build first time a special station for Sara. A train station where the trains will keep essential, even if it is not planned.”), Encouraged him to will soon be “the wonderful colorful Tsukuru Tazaki”.

The people of Haruki Murakami’s novel “the pilgrim years of the colorless Mr. Tazaki” (Ursula Grafe has translated him) talk a lot about their feelings. The desire for harmony, security and love is overshadowed by vulnerability, heartbreak and sadness. Yet amazingly, no hot sparks flying. The stylization of the figures they would remove too much of the reality, the pursuit of perfection of the form the contents are cooled too much down, true empathy is missing. You read the novel strange non-contact; he remains sustainable stick in the brain, but the heart of it does not reach.

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"The pilgrims years of the colorless Mr. Tazaki" by Haruki Murakami. Review
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