The Picture from the Mind and The Video Game Designers’ work

While researching about video game design I wonder why I enjoy video games that much and how I learned quite a lot about games and software when growing up. When I use to live in Silver Springs, Maryland My father and my uncle introduced me to video games.I played games that they showed me that was before I was even born and it taught me a lot about customs that we experience everyday, how situations involve a simple solution, how a message that’s receive not verbally at times but by imagery and actions help a person think of how, when, and why these designers in certain detail depict the nature of sensitive yet accurate topics that are statistically proven.

People look around and People see the benefits of being a designer but what truly does designing a video game help a person see others in a different state of mind? What does a Video game designer’s attitude look like? What are some of the pros and cons of being a designer? My goal in this paper is to discuss the mind of a designing creator creating a video game life lessons that adapt in the real world.

In order to get around in life you have to talk to people that know what you would like to do, be around people who think like you and have the same level of dedication in making decisions for making a video game. ”There are many things of a very affecting nature,which can seldom occur in reality,but the words which represent them often do.

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.”(Wollstonecraft 215). In Video Games, people have a lot of interactment with a whole lot of other people and objects while it’s from multiplayer or from the overall story in single player with gestures and signals.

For example David Cage writer and video game designer of both Heavy Rain that was released February 10, 2010 and Beyond: Two Souls that was released October 8, 2013 produced Interactive dramas and action-adventure games that progress the characters by the actions and decisions that you control. “We don’t have any ‘game over’ situation in the game, no point where you fail and have to start the level over again; we don’t think that’s very satisfying. Instead, ‘Beyond’ actually gives consequences to your failures, so everything becomes very natural, very fluid, very dynamic’ (Cage). People interact with other things and human beings to solve a possible outcome, less input and reckless choices and you might find yourself on the wrong end of mostly being not interested in video game design. In all cases video games have layouts or structures that you explore or run or walk around upon in any platform of a game. Video game designers have what they consider to be a “art bible” called a Style Guide. Video game designers often refer back to style guides as a source of their own work. Style guides often are like statistical charts in order to evaluate what glitches and bugs happen towards most games, other things style guides can also do is be another way to organize and model certain objects in video games to help set a mood in a game, as we continue towards that topic:

Good Organization, Personal and Technical skills are absolutely the most vital thing when it comes to working in a business you can not show up looking out of sorts in a professional business nor show up having piles of hard-copied work stack upon releases and expect others to carry it in and out of the workplace. ”There are a lot of social and managerial dimensions to the job. Sitting down in your office alone, creating something, is one way to get things done. But in a large organization where you’re building a platform and building a system, there are dozens—if not hundreds—of people involved. Getting an organization of that size all heading in the same direction presents a lot of challenges” (Malubuyo). In the gaming industry lots of people in big organizations will have mistakes and issues that attend outside of being a video game designer whether it’s not adapting to habits inside the workplace or events outside that leave you speechless and broken-hearted. Being a video game designer doesn’t listed you just as a employee it lists you as a individual; more-so family than any other thing. It’s okay to speak up and ask for a little help not a lot of people can’t handle situations on their own in which they don’t experience or comprehend but others do and from their experience they help guide other people in feeling more hopeful or belief that everything will be fine.

In an Industry of technology, companies urge you to have at least a diploma or major degree that’s why video game companies are looking for designers who know all sorts of programs and tools that can help them be successful. Getting a bachelor’s degree, art or game art degree, or a degree in math, computer science or physics can help your chances at getting a good start towards getting hired towards a business. It’s very important to get a education before you make a big leap inside a company, kinda like getting rare achievements in any game you choose online it takes time to learn how it works but overtime you figure it out and apply things to your life’s work soon people exploit your system and it doesn’t pan out in the very end.”…even if you try your best someone’s gonna mooch off your hard work” (Kinney 189). Programing is one of the roles video game designers take and often designers play long hours of video games just to figure out the broken pieces of the game, and what needs to be improved in order to make the game a lot more enjoyable for other people. You play the game to break the game and that’s what video game designers and gamers often do to help better feedback into game’s a win-win situation.

On February 1, 2019 The United States’ average video game designer earns $42.93, the worst possible outcome is that you walk out with the minimum of $20.76, the best work that you done can actually lead you to $66.90 the average yearly wage around that time was $50,000. The main people who pay high prices for game designers are companies from Maryland and from the District of Columbia (D.C). however the companies that pay more well are outside those two areas. Zynga an american social game developer company running social video game services founded in April 2007 and headquartered at San Francisco, California has one of the highest yearly salaries in the United States. At the time, Zynga pays video game designers $83,750 a year. As a business with a relatively new owner, that’s a really good pay to start a business that’s going to grow a lot more eventually in the near future. Another company however that has been here for a lot longer than Zynga is Electronic Arts (EA) another american video game company that’s the second largest gaming company in america and europe with a partnership with Activision, Blizzard, Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft as of March 2018, Located in Redwood City, California the company’s yearly salary is $67,768, roughly $16,000 below the 2nd most well paid company in america: Zynga. (Sokanu)

Last but certainly not the least bit of information to give out is the main reason what people saw in video game design that intrigue them: the benefits and weakness of video game design. The benefits are that your in a environment where you can just have fun creating and playing video games and every person who works at video game design are extremely enthusiastic and love to work there every single day of the week, year, month, or even decade if they wanted to. Some good places that happen to be awesome for a aspiring video game designer are mostly from the bay area, cities like Los Angeles, and San Francisco are most likely home to video game design and for good reason, there are so many studios in the state of california it’s not even when you start, it’s where you start. Most likely in which case looking at a view that’s beyond relief, doing something you love and enjoy every day in a lively place? just speechless.

As all companies have advantages, there are disadvantages to applying yourself in video game design. As soon as your fully immerse in the video game industry your already in competition with every company in the world.”…His whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and of weakness.” ”It was not external but lay deep within himself” (Achebe 19). From the start of elementary, middle or high school towards your day time or night time dream job your position is not solidified until you make it your own responsibility to. Most survival games teach others to think about how to take care of your survival group of unknown elements, to put things mildly, in the video game industry it’s either go forward or be left in the dust in this case all designers went forward better than others. Another weakness is deadline meets, you don’t have time to fiddle with your pen or pencil or make paper airplanes to waste time. Your always on the scope, every minute, every second, every hour wasted brings a company down, wasting time equals to wasting the company’s money. As previously stated, with competition is either sink or swim, laziness is one of the key factors of a company most likely sinking into bankruptcy and that’s lead into a potential business failure. Usually you would think that under circumstances like this you would be level-headed with the amount of knowledge and communication that comes into the business. Turns out in some video game companies it’s the absolute opposite.

In video game design the most stressful thing in being a designer is added pressure in terms of deadline and competition, added with presentation that has to be shared by almost everyone working in the video game Industry, it’s a very tall task to do. Like difficulty when people turn their setting into the hardest mode possible, it’s a joy filled nightmare. The final thing is long hours of video game design, and how you may ask on why that is a disadvantage oppose to a advantage when that’s suppose to mean you play video games all day? There is more towards that than just playing video games, your studying everything about the game itself, the interface, the structure, the development of the setting, the overall interactions in the game, what should be added upon the design, and the criteria and constraint, most of these categories are in formats of questions that need answers when developing a video game and as a video game designer you’re your own entrepreneur meaning that you have a responsibility in or out of the workplace to brand yourself; have accessibility to work under somebody’s company. Work ethic kinda slows down that process when repetitively going through projects and sleepless nights of studying will take a toll upon your representation as a well-prepared designer.


From examining video game design, I learned that what I enjoyed about video game design is the overall experience when playing video games hours into a story. How a simple mistake can change a course of a story by the elements of the setting that develops a characters’ action. What video game designers go through is strenuous, but rewarding, it’s a fun field to be in if you’ve been around computers and games all of your life and video game designers are more like entrepreneurs where they can go out anywhere they see a opening available and take that experience and hone it to develop a business run by themself. The mind behind the creator introduces real-problems that associate with how you control an outcome and like all video games make a decision whether or not to prolong or advanced the situation. Why education is important to obtain and received is to help develop not just hands on skills but representation skills to become the best possible professional designer that you can possibly be. The video game industry pays a lot of money to video game designers and whether it’s from a big corporation or just a start-up business, It would be interesting to see the continued growth in the next 10 years prior to this research and see how the industry changes so drastically, video games will once soon be a way to communicate for every person involved with social gatherings and events.

Designers like David Cage and Paolo Malabuyo shared the pros and cons of being a video game designer in a big industry the advantages are similar but yet it’s more favored than the disadvantages of the business as a whole. If video game design is for everyone, make it a reality, own it, and then make it a living. Everyone is a part of a pie, and in order for it to be together it has work as a unit, a group, a family, in unison. Video game designers solve social issues just by producing a game, The designer knows how to approach certain topics based upon the experiences he creates, while forcing actions to speak louder than words or by images to display a person’s emotion verbally throughout a sequence of events or timelines, the art of a of video game designer is by a designer’s work and only by his work. A designer’s work is what people enjoy, a designer’s work is what makes video games entertaining, a designer’s work is part of being a individual, a designer’s work is a way to escape. A designer’s work can be interpreted in many ways, shapes and forms but the most important thing is that what you do now revolves around life’s art, life’s structure, life’s design.

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