The people who do not deserve by Michael Hjorth and Hans Rosenfeldt Review

Topics: Murder

Where he is right, he’s right, the author of the letter to the newspaper “Östersunds-Posten”. Sharply he denounces as the cultural level of society absinke. Citizens being warned that they could lead a decent, satisfying life, allowing themselves to just hang. The main responsibility for this decline writes the media to the author. They offered only effort free to be picked Fast Food , shallow topics lull the readers and viewers in satisfaction. Consumers will feigned so cheap superficiality and simple stupidity and repulsive embarrassments are a desirable norm.

To strive for its further development, develop, deal with alternative value systems they must appear as totally useless.

Specifically ask the letter writer, why unfeeling as “selfish, superficial beings littered with vulgar tattoos, with scrap metal in the mouth and her low IQ and their low literacy through the area strutting “, offering platforms, so that the public witness, as they provide or their stupidity on show can be filmed during intercourse. Instead, he asked to give more space models to publish serious reports and differentiated debate and promote smart, ambitious people more.

His real name does not reveal the sender. He signed with the pseudonym “Cato the Elder”. Castle that Roman senator his speeches with the evocative phrase “ Carthago Delenda Est ” from, so that no one with that of Carthage imminent danger adjusted itself, the education assiduous promoter of culture goes a giant step further. He murders the Doofen.

Cato’s first victim is Miroslav Petrovic, 21, called “Mirre”. He has appeared in the TV docu-soap “Paradise Hotel” and won the 3rd place.

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Cato kidnapped the young man and subjecting him to a test. And he has created a list of sixty educational issues, of which the subject is at least one-third right must answer in order to qualify for the survival. Whether from incapacity or excitement (Mirre sitting with handcuffs and chains tied at the table) is not clear, at least fails Mirre and his judge and executioner goes into action.

A short time later finds an unsuspecting head teacher in a science classroom naked, muscular, tattooed corpse of a man who has tacked on whose back his killer two A4 sheets – Cato says hello. More murders follow the pattern is quite straight forward: The offender agreed to organize a “pseudo-celebrity” in a bar and solves a few comfort drops into his drink. The subsequent deportation of the victim is a breeze

As has the Swedish author duo Michael Hjorth & amp. Hans Rosenfeldt for the fifth part of his successful series about the investigative team of the Empire homicide Stockholm leave a grandiose plot come. Who would included in the face of daily misery in the mass media, the Internet, the same, do not sign Cato lamentation? to determine even its concept, the mental state of a person by means of a simple questionnaire is of course moronic, and the hubris to kill dropouts, it is much more. But it is a very stimulating action could knit, raises the relevant questions stimulates in society discussions, Stammtisch slogans exposes different values ​​results in mind -. Cato So ironically confirmed and has at the same time in its borders

But Hjorth & amp; Rosenfeldt go a different route, which almost mocked the subject cultural pessimism.

In fact, Cato’s motives no role to play in this thriller. It could also be an x-arbitrary murderers, sexual psychopath or freaked investment banker, the need to track the kingdom homicide. What Cato (and many peaceful citizens) makes so mad interested the authors so little that they do not even make the effort to substantiate his questions for about ten examples out.

At the center rather how already used to from the four previous novels and popular among the followers what’s going on in the five-member team of investigators. Consisting of the Director Torkel Höglund, Vanja Lithner, the pathologist Ursula, the IT professionals Billy Rosén and the criminal psychologist Sebastian Bergman. Their private troubles, quarrels, desires, relationship problems and desires fill at least half of the more than five hundred pages. The authors probably maintain a driven to an extreme version of the already since the nineties popular crime type of the Noir , which is now characterized that his policemen rather appear unappealing because unfriendly, vicious, underhanded, and the like. Your personal crises form an equivalent plot line next to the investigation progress. Together with the often tough descriptions of violence and its consequences convey a cynical, pessimistic worldview these novels

Just a pity that much of what Hjorth & amp. Rosenfeldt tell prima fits into Cato’s enemy. The investigators themselves are sad examples of the superficiality and meaninglessness that Cato should complain audience appeal at the beginning of the book. You feeling any empathy from everyone concerned mainly with his own desire, while their brain seems at times completely into deeper regions dive. A few examples will show what, how outrageous the characters are designed, as far-fetched the plot is constructed gathered here for screwed-up types. To spoil anyone’s power, the contents of

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