The On Rollercoaster Ride

How you ever been on a roller coaster? If you have, you know how fun and exciting it can be, but in my case ‘the roller coaster ride’ I experienced was not at all fun. My family and I were involved in a car accident, June of this year. That car accident is the roller coaster ride I talked about. When that ride stopped, reality hit quickly. This car accident taught my family and me to value our time together and to always be cautious when driving.

The morning started out as a normal Saturday morning, we were going out for breakfast. I remember not wanting to go out because I was tried. I made a lame excuse to my mom, I told her, “Our kitty climbed onto my lap, she doesn’t want me to go.” My mom brushed off my excuse and reminded me that it was time to go. We got into the car and went to Bella Bru Cafe.

We ordered our food, ate, and left.

The four of us, made our way to the car, little did we know that that car ride would turn into something bigger than just a car ride home. It was the regular route home, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. We were about five minutes away from our fortress, we called home when suddenly an old, run-down, white truck cuts us off in the intersection causing my dad to serve out of way, in hopes of not hitting the run-down truck.

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He was successful in not hitting the truck. Instead of hitting the truck, we ran over a concrete curb into a soft dirt ditch. I kept my eyes closed tight, opening them for a split second during the roller coaster like-crash. I remember thinking, “When it be over?”

The crash had seemed to last for an eternity, but in reality, it lasted for about 2 minutes. The car had finally stopped moving, the screaming ceased as well. I cried out, “Let me out!” Seeing that the car doors were locked and could not be unlocked until done manually or until the driver and/or front seat passenger door was opened. Once the doors were unlocked, I ran out of the car and fell onto the gravel, crying hysterically. With my eyes closed tight, I feel my sister come next to me trying to comfort me. A couple of minutes later. I looked up a few times to see that there were strangers that had stopped to see if what happened. I went back to the dark and another body came next to mine, it was the driver of that old, run-down, white truck.

“I’m so sorry.” was repeated by the man, which caused me to cry even harder. While I was crying, one of the strangers had called an ambulance for us. When in the ambulance, my dad was calm, even joking, which confused me greatly. We arrived at the hospital and spent about three hours there, just sitting and waiting to be discharged. My dad ended up spraining his ankle, my mom’s hand was sprained, and my sister and I walk away relatively unharmed. Finally, we could leave the busy hospital. We were more than happy to be, finally, going home. In the end, we had spent the day in shock. The roller coaster ride of June 30, 2018, had taught us many things. First, to value the good times with your family because you have no idea how quickly things can change. Second, always be cautious when driving.

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