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The following sample essay on The on “Inglourious Basterds”. Six months ago when I came out of the cinema hall after the premiere of the film Tarantino, I felt like God cinema sipping my strings, like a doll, and leads directly into the web to a hungry spider. Then it seemed to me that the terrible disease appeared in the XV century, and returned in a new guise in 1994, in the 2009m at its peak. I call this monstrous plague – «Tarantism» And so we turn to the film and the script “Inglourious Basterds,” since they can not be considered a break from each other, despite the fact that there are some differences between them, but irrelevant for.

perception of the product as a whole.

We will not go into the story, no doubt just what it will entertain you while watching a movie. The script and the scenes from the film are crammed with hidden quotations, both from literary works and works of cinema.

Most references, of course, the beloved genre of Tarantino -. Western blot The magnificent setting of the first scene just yet teeming with allusions to the spaghetti western Sergio Leone’s “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” In the film, one can not draw two parallels: bastards-Indians against the Nazis-cowboys. Allusions in the film is more than enough: every fictional hero of the film has a name forgotten now film-makers, but especially brightly out the irony with the name “German spy” an officer of the French General Staff, and in combination and Alfred Dreyfus was a Jew

In my opinion, the best scene in the movie takes place in a tavern: bastards, Jews playing Indians dress up as Nazis, and then play a card game, guessing who among them some celebrity – a game in the game – a well-known technique Tarantino even with “Reservoir Dogs.

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” fans of the movie are not layers zhno will notice how Tarantino masterfully juggles with remarks and stories from other movies: Fight Club, Legends of the Fall, The Godfather, Sherlock Holmes, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and other classic films and westerns. And not only movies, but also historical events and personalities, starting with Jesus and ending with Mata Hari.

We can see not only the text in the text (script), but the film in the film. In the climactic scene of the film takes place the murder of Jews, the Indians (they are bastards) Hitler, Goebbels, Goering, Bormann and all the Nazi elite in the cinema, which is owned by a Jew. Complete destruction of history. History does not exist. It does not exist. It’s funny that in the film, which has just watched the Nazi brothers, an American general said he was not in any way will not destroy the work of art that stands for centuries and has historical value (this is it about tower, but Tarantino about the history) in order to destroy the enemy. Thus, “Inglourious Basterds” acquaint us with postmodern irony. After watching the film more than half of the hall was indignant at amerikosov freaks continuing to think that they defeated the Nazis it. I think that this film Tarantino just laughed at such incompetent audience.

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