The On Groundwater Lab

The following sample essay on The On Groundwater Lab. The answer is the fourth, fifth and sixth well-portions where there is a lower ground elevation. 12. 9 In Figures 12. AAA and B, two depressions are occupied by water, whereas others are dry. Explain the presence and absence of ponds in these two figures. In figure A, the pond was prevented into diminishing due to the saturated area brought about by the resistant clay in the first pond in figure B, in the other hand, the first opening is a non-resistant type of land and the second opening is a resistant material that can hold water.

  If the two ponds were perennial (i. . , year-round) ponds, because of intersecting the water table, how would the presence or absence of water in he other depressions differ from that which is shown? Springs are formed either from a destroyed steam, sinkholes, or valleys. Caves are also formed from saturated area of land where a land will sprout and will construct as caves.

  Judging from what you learned from the information in how might one seal a leaking stock pond? Hint: We’re talking three steps here, with steps #1 and #2 being the draining and restoring of pond water.

The first thing that you should do is to drain the water in the pond, then put resistant clay o the bottom of the hole. Once done, you can fill back with water. Examine Figure 12. 22. At a glance, several ponds might be mistaken for stock ponds. However, there is evidence indicating that the large pond at coordinates P-5 is surely a sinkhole.

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What is that evidence? Hint: The evidence appears in the relationship between the pond and a man-made feature. The answer is that the rock bridge will hold the land and will not permit water to be drained . Do water levels in these three lakes (as well as others) appear to be overfed by the vagaries of spotty rainfall and random surface drainage, or do they appear to mark systematic elevations on a water table? Hint: Notice the elevations of the bottoms of dry sinkholes relative to the water levels in ponds. The answer is elevation of water table. Lab Summary Address the following in a 100- to 200-word summary: Summarize the general principles and purpose of the lab. Explain how this lab helped you better understand the topics and concepts addressed this week. Describe what you found challenging about this lab.

Describe what you found interesting about this lab. Write your summary here: This lab experiment is provided in order to comprehend the water system in the planet. Even it be a pond, a hole or a lake, one can never really understand the reason why the water ended up there. I also share this same difficulty. But with the aid of this laboratory experiment, I can now comprehend why the water ended in there. Also understand something unless you see it with your own eyes. I realized that there are various materials and information that are interesting to study and to know in these bodies of water.

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