The Observation and a Brief Explanation of the Tobacco Industry

In observation of the tobacco industry.l notice many establishments such as grocery stores. liquor stores and local tobacco shops selling things like cigarettes, smoking pipes or rolling papers. Many citizens and politicians have talked about tobacco sales. There are two points of view, the people who support many kinds of tobacco companies and the people who are against it. I am against all types of tobacco companies, and hopefully you will too when you finish reading this essay. The purpose of this essay is to explain why there should not be tobacco sales in the United States of America.

The first reason why there should not be tobacco sales in the United States of America is that it is a health hazard.

Normally you are able to find tobacco products in establishments, all across the country, butl am sorry to say that many times tobacco products are unhealthy for a person’s mental well being. social well being and physical well being, Tobacco factories around the world could care less about human well fare.

Manufacturers often lace tobacco with harmful substances such as ammonia. Also the factories are exposed tobaco products to insects fecies and hatchings. Because, I never been inside of a tobacco establishment, live television shows such as Twenty Twenty and Nightline has provided me with televised overviews and insights.

The second reason why there should not be tobacco sales in United States of America is that establishments are dangerous. I am sorry to say that ninety- nine percent of tobacco establishments are located in ghettos and poverty areas.

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This effect urban regions tremendously striking an increase in the use of other drugs for instance cocaine and heroin. Unfortunately, tobacco facilities and shop are granted zoning privileges nears our schools and daycare centers, exposing early use in our youth.

The third reason why there should not be tobacco sales in the United States of America, because of advertisement irresponsibility. Tobacco marketers aim toward the youth with appealing cartoon animated ads and commercials. is that their products are stolen products. Many thingsthey promote entices children and gullible adults to think that its safe to smoke. Another enticement is low prices for tobacco allowing easy accessibility and bootleg dealings providing low prices for a fix. I believe these are excellent reasons why there should not be ambulant salesmen in Querétaro.

Some people disagree because these kinds of establishments are employing people; however, I still say these shops should be prohibited. What is the point of saying we should respect private property if these people do not respect it and the government does not do anything to stop this. I believe that as loyal citizens we should express how we feel and should not allow these establishments to exist in the United States of America . They are dangerous, unhealthy and they promote a foul lifestyle. Without these kinds of establishments we will be able to solve many problems that the United States of America has because of these types of sales.

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