The Nursing Ethics Dilemma

Topics: Ethical Dilemma


Ethical dilemma happens everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in schools, jobs, or between family members. Hospitals are a place where ethical dilemma occurs. Most of the time spent with the patients are nurses. A day to day basis, nurses will encounter problematic dilemmas. With each patient and families, there are different situations that occur. It is important for the nurses to set apart their views and values in order to provide the utmost care to patients.


During an ethical dilemma, there is no such thing as the “right thing” they can do.

Eventually, it causes the nurse to become morally distressed. Many nurses were distressed that the patient or the family members weren’t getting enough information about the treatments options and other procedures. The nurse wants to be honest with patients, but families and the institutional wishes to not inflict distress to the patient when informing the patient about their health condition.

When nurses find more information related to the patient’s health, they feel compelled to tell because of the patient’s safety.

The nurse tells it would cause even more harm to the patient. Despite that, nurses need to choose their options wisely. According to Mohmmed, “Therefore, nurses should be adequately prepared to deal with ethical challenges among high workloads and limited resource conditions” (Mohmmed, El-sol, 2018). Nurses need to be trained and have ethics judgment to help them make the right accommodations with the patient and family. Having a clear understanding of health care ethical allows nurses to make the right decision.

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Nurses would be more self-assured.


Studies show that taking ethics programs has helped nurses. According to Abeer Zakaria, “Nursing ethics pre-and post 3 months of program, the research findings show that, overall level of Nurses’ knowledge improved with the program immediately and after 3 months of program” (Zakaria, Seada, 2016). Since the program helps, it helps nurses to know what to converse without harming patient’s feelings. It would help the hospital become trustable place. Nursing ethics is important because it guarantees quality care to all patients. We are willing to trust the nurses but in order to do that, they need to give us the reason to trust them.

Another solution is clinical supervision. With clinical supervision, it gives nurse self-assurance, and skills development to take on ethical situations. According to Carlise Nora, “The results show that clinical supervision contributes to the self-confidence, development of skills and knowledge and provides greater capacity for nurses to take responsibility and support the user” (Nora & Deodato, 2016). If there is supervision, nurses can learn what is the correct way to deal with ethical situations. And when they are wrong, the supervisor will teach them the right way.


An ethical dilemma can occur everywhere. For the ethical dilemma, not to happen in the hospital environment, nurses must learn how to set aside their beliefs and values. It is important to make a suitable decision during the situation. Suitable decision equals happy patient, nurses, and organization.


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