The neighbor of Patrícia Melo Review

Such annoying experiences known by everyone. You just want a little while his rest, and already rattled a lawnmower going on, starts in the neighboring house too kärchern its terrace, of passing blowhard around the road through the open car window is pushing for his taste in music, rave kids without a stop by the apartment over it, blaring people their smartphones, rattles a helicopter over the roof. Can the all regardless of my rest need?

The thresholds have different heights.

Proper crash the health risks that may jeopardize many lives and still very relaxed in the middle of the big city. however, particularly sensitive fellow citizens insist on their alleged rights and fight in court that the authority cow or church bells or bird screeching abstelle from neighboring zoo. In any case, silence is an unaffordable for many luxury in our hysterical, noisy world.

The Brazilian writer Patrícia Melo has been the subject pointed at just 160 pages in delightfully sarcastic manner ( “Gog Magog”, translated by Barbara Mesquita) , It provides its completely battered and overwhelmed protagonists of a macabre plot that finally makes him the poor sufferers for avenging murderer and bells Erten.

The tone in which she tells this roller coaster ride is initially very funny and satirical covered – a five-star fireworks brilliant original ideas – but enigmatic in the second part and contemplative, unfortunately, no longer exciting. Since the episode of the first part is embedded in a larger context: the effects of unchecked acted out individualism, generally increasing egocentricity, lack of understanding, intolerance and self-indulgence, beyond the state of the Brazilian Society

The nameless narrator. is 54 years old, biology teacher and married to a nurse. His work gives him nothing but stress and frustrations of which he wants to recover the treasure of his condominium in São Paulo. But that’s over. Since Ygor Silva has moved to the floor above, he finds no rest during the day and at night no sleep more. “Clack clack clack” dancing his rattling flops the sensitive man literally on the head around, screaming children and music, closing doors and celebrating guests, nocturnal laughter and embarrassing Lustschreie has he heard, without being able to escape. Involuntarily its antennas are switched to receive directed his ears upward, where permanent new signals flow.

Noise, thinks the narrator, could be “counted to effective stabbing weapons.” Or certain poisons, “but ruin our health while not kill. Our lives decompose. Our angel confuse”.

The sufferers no intention to remain in suffering passivity. But his calls for consideration bounce off his tormentor. He can not understand the problem. “What you refer to as noise, that’s me, a living person. […] life is loud.” Another corrective met the teacher in the form of his wife (whose violent affair with a younger his irritation only further incite). When it finds one morning that you have such a knock in the night with the broom handle hard against the kitchen ceiling in the art that the plaster has abandoned its responsibility and is heruntergerieselt, she rejects him angry rightly, he should finally abandon its exaggerated sensitivity.

But the former “peaceful, honest” narrator can not. A small war of meanness and revenge begins. “Senhor Ypsilon” lets the air out of a tire that peace seekers urinated in return for his newspaper. A scratch on a car, a long key track in the paint of the other. The extent of such skirmish is full, disappears as the beloved house cat Gala. From Ygor course murdered – there may be another explanation

The Raging reaches a duplicate key for Ygors apartment, where there is an unexpected confrontation, things take unrestrained its course, and already has the biology teacher one? new problem on the cheek: Where to Ygors body? Also because of the poor is desperately fail, and with his exposure of the first part ends this detective story all its own.

The second part describes the imprisonment of the offender in prison and the process. Thanks to fortunate circumstances, he must live under less desperate conditions than the Brazilian average thug and needs only two years on the start of his trial to maintain. He wins a fellow prisoner as a friend and finds in the regular routine and mindless work finally to himself, inner peace and satisfaction. Here he can “mass culture enormous noise pollution of the cities and the acoustic hysteria” grumble that promote violence and can turn harmless citizens into monsters with the necessary distance on the harmful effects of. If he keeps in mind how our physique, triggered by “unwanted sound” aggression activated ( “The sound of hell in the world makes real death machines from us. We are a danger to society and for ourselves.”), Then wins it statement in the context of violence in Brazil considerably more relevance than European for us readers. The statistics of the Vienna United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) have for 2016 in Brazil 29.5 homicides per 100,000 population from (D: 1.2 – A: 0.7 – CH :. 0.5)

the defense strategy of the lawyer is based on an almost mechanistic explanation test (can be sure not to convince the judge). Significant but anyway, that the detainee wins the lost control over his actions, his self-esteem, his life back. Contributing findings in which he discussed with his fellow prisoners: “If it continues at this pace, we have in Brazil soon more men in prison than in freedom What are the women doing.?” It is therefore no surprise that became known through the media assassin love letters received from a woman and will arrive at some point to a “intimate visits”.

Patrícia Melo told the sometimes realistic, sometimes surrealistic experiences of their protagonists completely out whose egocentric colored view. These present the one hand, satirical and witty, to reflect the other, and to connect with a social analysis is a difficult balancing act.

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