The Negative Effects of the Lack of Outdoors Playing Time on Child Obesity


Many complain that this generation’s children are not exposed the great outdoors enough and that it is not good for their future. Studies show that there is a 14% increase in child obesity in children ages 6-11 from before the 2000s till now (AHA). This tragic increase in child obesity has a lot of causes two of which are the decrease in physical activity and an increase in time spent using the new smart devices.

Key findings

Admittedly the time spent playing sports has decreased by a great deal.

According to Chart 2 it is shown the amount of time spent playing sports was nearly cut in half since the 2000s. The consequences of this decrease in physical activities are not just limited to early developed obesity but it can also interfere in the child’s overall health. For instance weak eyesight and back pain are common effects after a child spends too much time on a smart device and not enough time playing sports(Chart 3).


Furthermore, Chart 4 clearly shows that a decrease in physical activities can also induce lousy social skills and unacceptable performance at school. The effect on academic abilities enclose a decrease in GPA and in their concentration span. Lousy social skills entail subpar group work, oral presentation skills and overall friendships. Along with the declared recent studies show that children who don’t get enough exercise tend to have weaker muscles and bones. They also have an increased risk of developing diabetes and high blood cholesterol(Livestong).

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Moreover, studies show that child obesity can be prevented by a simple maximization in physical activity(WebMD). This shows the dramatic importance of sports and overall physical activity and how it can change lives drastically. Prevention of Child Obesity is key to making sure that children all over the world stay healthy. Another way to prevent obesity is to limit the amount of time children are allow to use their smart devices.


To summarize, there are many unfortunate effects of the lack of playing sports. Including subpar health, lousy social skills and unacceptable performance at school. These are all preventative and people should take action soon. The time spent on mobile devices should be decreased and the time playing sports should be increased. Furthermore, specialists should look into the examples parents put off for their kids to see.

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