The Need to Discourage Drunk Driving to Avoid Its Disastrous Consequences

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As sweet as taking alcohol maybe to many people, its effects when driving are known to be grievous. Driving while drunk has led to the occurrence of many road accidents. This is because when a driver is drunk, the feeling he experiences can have disastrous consequences. It makes them overestimate their abilities as well as behave recklessly. A driver may be thinking that the road may not be too busy or maybe the gap between him and another driver may be too big or too small to hop over.

The likelihood of causing an accident when one is drunk may be too high because alcohol tends to slow down the brain. It affects a person’s judgment and reasoning and slows down the way a person reacts. Alcohol also affects the sense of coordination and balance which can make a person feel drowsy and also impairs your sense of hearing and vision.

Due to the poor coordination, one can easily run on another vehicle, an object or even roll over.

Under some instances, the drivers who cause accidents when drunk are even unaware of what could have been the real cause of the accident. On their side, they think that they were right and that if their vehicle rammed into another car, then the driver of the other vehicle was the one in the wrong. Trying to justify themselves is mostly what they do, but in the real sense, the accident maybe has led to the loss of lives that could not have been lost if they never took the risk of driving while drunk.

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Most of the instances of road accidents often result in deaths due to reckless driving at high speed. Ramming with another vehicle, rolling on a bench or hitting a slope results to damage on the vehicle and the casualties sometimes sustain grave injuries, and others end up losing their lives. Also, destruction of property occurs which leads to massive losses. People tend to think that their mind, reasoning, and stability has not been jeopardized when they drink and want to drive. The fact that sometimes a drunk driver can drive and reach his destination safely in one instance does not guarantee him equal safety in all the instances. Sometimes, a level of reasoning that one cannot afford while drunk is required.

A sober driver can reason out easily and evade deadly accidents. Although at times a drunk driver may be lucky, evading instances that require reasoning is not guaranteed because alcohol will already have tampered with their sense of reasoning thus slowing down the mind. Due to the danger that drunk drivers pose on the roads, high penalties are charged on those caught to discourage similar incidences in future. Cases of drunk drivers being caught are rampant. The fines that are inflicted on them do not bring back the lives lost in the accidents. Therefore, driving while being drunk should be avoided because alcohol jeopardizes the way one reasons which in return increases the chances of a drunk driver ramming on another vehicle, running over objects or even rolling over.

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