The Need for Unity to Restore the Damages Caused by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey

There are quite a few people who just walked away. It’s sad really. We’re going on how long? Two years. And there is still so much more work that needs to be done.” Pamela Vazquez, a news reporter for the Asbury park press, is talking about the devastating Hurricane Sandy that touched down on the Jersey Shore more than 2 years ago. Wednesday, October 29, 2014, marks two years since Sandy overwhelmed the state, causing an estimated $30 billion in damage here. Four died at the Shore and tens of thousands were left homeless from days to months.

Jersey Shore residents whose homes were washed out by Sandy have spent the past two years wading through obstacles in their bid to rebuild, They have encountered lingering questions as to where they will find the money, long permitting processes, and fly-by-night contractors.

After Hurricane Sandy hit, everyone worked hard to help each other get back to normal. Whether it was volunteering to clean up a destroyed house or maybe even donating food for people who weren’t home and couldn’t make their family a home-cooked meal.

After the storm, everyone just seemed to have each other’s backs. But over time people have lessened to feel the need to donate and volunteer to the ones who aren’t back to their normal lives even if it was two years ago.

For this reason, many towns aren’t and probably will never be back to the 100% that they were a couple of years ago for example Long Branch is 65 percent recovered at the waterfront, 85 percent throughout the city.

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75 substantially damaged homes. 24 homes elevated or being elevated. 16 homes demolished or being demolished. 8 new homes were constructed or are being constructed where previous homes were demolished. Belmar is likely about 75 percent recovered. Two boardwalk pavilions hammered by Sandy have not been rebuilt, Received nearly $19 million in federal and insurance funding, and waiting for another $5 million. Manasquan is 75 percent recovered. 60 percent of homes were flood-damaged. 143 homes demolished; 122 new homes built; 101 houses elevated. Many homes are under construction or just receiving state assistance feel as if as a community we can unite together to make this.

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