The murder of the century by Paul Collins Review

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Who does not know Orson Welles’ film “Citizen Kane” from 1941? Even Welles was fascinated by the biography of the US newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst so much that he took it as a model for his fictional media mogul Charles Foster Kane and filmed his life with unprecedented effort. This was a milestone in cinema history, and according to many of the most best American film was ever made.

Now, even the American author and a specialist in historical figures Paul Collins edited the material. In his novel “The Murder of the Century” is about nothing less than the history of tabloid journalism, the fierce competition of the market dominant media magnate William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer and a spectacular murder. This charming and actually long overdue story has Collins as a factual report designed stylistically original and enthralling; to underpin the scientific reliability, there is a 60-page appendix with source evidence and comments.

Carina Tessari has translated the book.

New York in 1897, already a bustling metropolis, and daily put ships with immigrants from Europe to Ellis Iceland to. The streetscape determine horse-drawn carriages, men’s suits and melons wear hawkers. To his way up to find not only rags, but everyone is fighting here. Through all the throng, the voices of the newsboys who constantly extol the latest issues of countless leaves that appear several times a day and even on Sundays.

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In penetrate this highly modern, bustling Moloch everywhere heard it for die-hard everyday that people go to the dogs, from disease, starvation or die by murder, bodies are found. For example, the New York Police Department responds neither particularly surprised nor engaged, as two boys in the East River a bundle discover it in oilcloth tied a chest with both arms. Probably there are just new items items sold from the morgue to medical students and now disposed of in the river. Soon after, find walkers on a slope another, been proposed in the same way package in which we find the suitable for upper body abdomen. It was clearly a man who died of a stab wound. But where is the head? And who is the unknown?

Now comes across New York in turmoil. The newspapers heat the mood, try to outdo each other with provocative headlines and even put a bounty out for the elucidation of the most sinister and brutal murder of the century. “500 US dollars” has Joseph Pulitzer, Hungarian-born editor of the “New York World”, the most powerful and best-selling newspaper. “1000 reward dollars” is William Randolph Hearst from competing “Evening Journal” for the “Kopfabschneider” against it. Abartig much money is! Some New Yorkers dare even Hearst himself to the act: he had initiated it, to increase its requirements …

“Bloodhounds” on bicycles reporters chase through the city to the police to stay one step ahead. Hearst, the once at Pulitzer ABC of journalism learned then built his own empire and Pulitzer poaches the best reporters, can own investigators troops form: A veteran crime reporter and men equipped with badge and gun form the “death squad”, should the For riddle.

Behind the brutal fact lies a love triangle. Bill Gulden soup and Martin Thorn both vie for the attention of the midwife Augusta Nack. Then Gulden soup is murdered – whether Thorn or Nack, which will clarify a process. Who is executed, is the old with a collage of newspaper articles unusually designed hard cover already anticipated (hidden under the dust jacket) can be seen. But if this really is the culprit, that’s not really about; Rather, only counts the show, and that includes the inflated defender Howe, who, draped in flashy clothes and thick clunkers, before the jury and the public wants to end up alone against the prosecutor a triumphant conqueror. The journalists report almost live from the scene of battle; their cell phones and laptops are then still racing pigeons …

The real winner down the line will be Hearst. Constantly innovate, he will have it printed as the first newspaper on yellow paper, in a new format and some in color. His “Morning Journal”, becoming the progenitor of the “yellow press”.

Collins’ novel is a fascinating documentary about the rise and power of the popular media that manipulate sensational today and world socio-political influence.

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