The Most Important Tool for Mankind Has Become Artificial Intelligence

In the advancing world the most important tool for mankind has become Artificial Intelligence. In this era we have intelligence other natural intelligence which is found in human kind, Artificial Intelligence. It refers to a kind of intelligence which is produced in machines so that it could be capable of performing cognitive functions like human kind. Cognitive functions means to get the information memorize it and improve the performance accordingly. Here it is in the case of machines. They keep updating their performance accordingly.

Therefore it is also called as machine learning in simple terms.

In order to have a firm grasp on the subject, few research papers were referred. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Healthcare is such an area where abundance of opportunity is available. And this can be efficiently used by the utilization of Artificial intelligence. It can be used to minimize the cost by assisting the doctors and saving their valuable time. It can also be used in collection and storage of data and also to exchange the data through computer.

But alongside unauthorized transmission of these data should also be kept in mind as these are very private. Utilization of AI in healthcare.

AI Application in Stroke Stroke is a condition in which blood supply to the brain is reduced. Because of which oxygen and other needed nutrients do not reach the brain. This results in brain death within minutes. A person who gets stroke once is prone to get multiple times increasing the chances of death. The symptoms of stroke are: numbness in limbs and face, difficulty in speaking and understanding, shakiness of limbs The death of the patient could be prolonged if an early detection is made.

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The AI can be used here for that. Two machine learning algorithms were created, which were used to detect the changes in patient and onset of stroke. The movement there is some kind of deviation from the normal behavior of person the machine detects and alerts the authorized medical officer. There was a wearable device also introduced for the same purpose. For the diagnosis o this disease MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) ad CT (Computed Tomography) scan are often used. SVM (Support Vector Machine) has also been tried to apply to the above.

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