The moon will flee from Rax Rinnekangas Review

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It is, portrays a gloomy world Rax Rinnekangas in his excellent with the Finnish Literature Prize novel. The narrative of the adult protagonists Lauri with a review begins on a summer of his youth, which he experienced as exhilarating and intoxicating. But the unique week end in disaster, he will never forget. Even the moon, so even the original title “Kuu Karkaa” means. (Translation: Stefan Moster) flees from what once happened here

Once a year, Lauri’s summer Latvala, where he his relatives and her farm expected.

He knows that he has to meet with his two cousins, the somewhat younger Leo and the somewhat older Sonja, in regular routine certain duties. But what the three after that drive, so Uncle and Aunt do not care. You’re dealing with agriculture hands full and her world of thought holds them captive. A firm belief dictates to them an ascetic life away worldly of all, strict codes of conduct, simple dark clothing.

Only their occasional revival ceremonies they allow themselves ecstatic rapture. In the shadow of all the hustle the kids grow from them unnoticed and enjoy their unbridled freedom. “The faithful their own children had not seen out of sheer faith.”

jump, dance, laugh in the summer romp three in nature, which is inspired in her imagination through and through, even the stones, they collect. Sonja, at school, the best in class, philosophizes: “. People are born with stones in the heart of why they pray as much as you ask in their hearts may the weight of the stone subside.

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.” She likes to climb on the “whipping man,” a dark, high spruce, where the legend was hanged after ages ago an evil, sinful servant. If the kids sitting up in the branches and see the distant village, they leave with a lot of shouting and violent movements swinging the branches and dream with outstretched arms, they were flying in aircraft through the air.

In that fateful year when Lauri is thirteen years old, the three cousins ​​discover something new. Under the safe guidance of elfin Sonja ( “beautiful facial features, almost white hair … an inexplicably distant, mystical beings”) they start touching each other, explore their bodies, enjoy unknown feelings, and nothing holds her back in her curiosity. But the further they progress, the stronger is their idea that they are doing something wrong that they have to hide their actions before anyone else.

That so the idyll of “Summer Story” loses its innocence and a bad end threatens to us have tuned in the first sentences of only 160-page booklet, “on we took no account of the death, we did not know him and did not think about it until it came that summer in our lives..” The road to perdition and beyond developed Rax Rinnekangas in three chapters: “joy”, “sadness”, “atonement”. With the incestuous intercourse of children, the realization creeps to have crossed a forbidden line. Pangs of conscience and the constant fear of discovery afflict especially the silly Leo who believes intensely watched by a harvest workers. Finally, pent-up emotions escalate into a dispute between Leo and Sonya, and the prophecy of the beginning of sentences is bloody, cruel reality.

The world of Latvala is divided. The mysterious, sensual parallel universe of children is surrounded by the brittle, incomprehensible for her world of sanctimonious Great. To include but not all adults. Lauris grandfather, for example, stands outside the close-knit community. He lives outside the village, one avoids him and is silent on it. Sudden cardiac death his wife had driven him during the war to an act of madness. He had wrapped his four children in warm sheepskins, packed on a sled and human load simply left behind on the road outside the village in the middle of a cold winter. There were relatives who adopted the children and large covered them.

Fourteen years remained the man disappeared, and in the village, the most bizarre speculations grew up around him. But “evil always returns back to earth,” the devout know. Also grandfather emerged as one of the dead resurrected, demanded his inheritance and led then on a reclusive hermit existence. With good work in his sawmill he was slowly recognition and was at least tolerated.

Lauri meets his mysterious relatives for the first time when, after the terrible disaster that ended abruptly during the summer of innocence, in deepest mourning is left all alone. The old man had watched the children for a long time, maybe even knew of their forbidden games. On the holidaymaker Lauri he was particularly proud and had taken him to heart. Now the two have a serious talk lead. The life experienced grandfather tells his grandson not only of itself, but speaks to him about Basics – about the grief for a lost loved one, about the importance of independent deciding about their own God and of others. Only as a mature adult Lauri will understand the words of his grandfather and appreciate.

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