The Miracle of Treviso by Susanne Falk (read impression) Review

Topics: Communication

The unassuming Italian town of Treviso is it like so many others. The young people find jobs in the cities and leave the old behind. Nor is there in Treviso a trattoria, a bar, a small supermarket, a hairdresser and of course the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Their parish priest, Don Antonio is still very spry, with its 77 years, and it is getting to him that the village will be if not a miracle, soon disappeared from the map.

Then he remembers what he recently in La Repubblica read, a report on an Andean village, which blossomed into a popular pilgrimage after there a Madonna miracle had happened …

Why should Treviso be happy not a miracle, but miracles where any kind always are – random, handmade or ingenious ideas that are wonderful. Then the people came back with them many devout Christians, and later worldwide alluring Tourism: jobs would be created, the ruble roll … Pah, what a diabolical thought the priest startled.

How can the filthy lucre take only as possession of him! Resist, resist! With a prayer on his lips, he must distribute in itself evil. On the other hand, he makes but only worried about his flock, his congregation that depends financially on a drip, which dries up soon, unless something happens … Can one not help out a little?

I have this read sample felt immediately in each row. & nbsp; A refreshing summer book. Witty, bubbly and too human

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