The Medical Research on the Stroke Issue in Pregnant Woman

A recent study has found that strokes may be more prevalent in pregnant women. The New York Times article “Strokes Found Rising in Pregnant Women,” by Catherine Saint Louis elaborates on this recent finding. Published on December 8, 2014, the article reports an increase in pregnancy-related strokes among women, with hypertension being the main risk. This research shows how much the chance of stroke has increased for pregnant women over 15 years and how important it is for women to watch their health, especially during pregnancy.

Researchers have found that while the rate of strokes among Americans from the ages of 65 and older is decreasing, the number is rising higher and higher among pregnant women (Saint Louis, 2014). Although strokes are certainly dangerous, strokes during pregnancy are exceptionally more serious and deadly.

Some causes for this increased rate is higher obesity rates among women of childbearing age. Experts say this rise in numbers is mainly because of a person’s inactivity throughout her 205, 305 and 405 and also due to the fact that an older maternal age contributes to hypertension.

A study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011 found an approximately 50 percent increase in strokes for women during pregnancy and post-pregnancy from the mid-19905 to 2006-07. However, the study was revised four years later and documented a 61.5 percent increase from the mid»19905 to 201011.

It found that from 82 million hospitalizations of pregnant women, around 31,000 of these hospitalizations were for strokes and were spread over a 17 year period (Saint Louis, 2014). The research study recommends “aggressive treatment of high blood pressure” because a woman’s risk of stroke can double after the initial complications.

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This article, written by Catherine Saint Louis, was published in the New York Times. The information is presented in an excellent fashion as Saint Louis consistently cites the scientific research reports with the right amount of content as well as numbers from the studies. it is not completely necessary to look to the scholarly article for more data, although it is useful for more specific details. The topic is purely scientific and informational and therefore, leaves no room for bias or personal opinion. Saint Louis writes without bias and creates a piece filled with important material.

It succeeds in leaving a message for women, her main audience, asking them to worry for their health, especially throughout pregnancy, or it could cause more problems later on. The New York Times published an article in December of 2014 titled “Strokes Found Rising in Pregnant Women” and was written by Catherine Saint Louis. Her article does exactly what it sets out to do and keeps it concise. She makes the readers aware of this increase in strokes among pregnant women and captivates the audience all while doing so. Hypertension has become a significant problem that women must consider, especially during pregnancy, that they may have not thought twice about before reading this article. References Saint Louis, Catherine. “Strokes Found Rising in Pregnant Women.”


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