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From for leisurely relax in the secluded cottage in Cornwall cliffs! Stop the trust togetherness with Chiara! No devotional restoration of old master oil painting more! Again the American author Daniel Silva commandeered the ex-Mossad agent Gabriel Allon for the fight against the evils of the world from his Incognito idyll where he masquerades as “Giovanni Rossi”.

It had Allon Rossi but “final” has recently retired from the espionage action – before it

terror bombing rocked Europe: Seven minutes separate the two terrible explosions each other, the two Islamist suicide bombers in Paris and Copenhagen have triggered. In the middle of the crowds tore down the terrorists innocent victims with it to death. Terror in the population, dismay with the politicians who had written after the attacks on 11 September 2001, the fight against terrorism on their banners. Which city will be the next?

Gabriel Allon and his wife Chiara stroll that day relaxed through London. First they have an appointment with the gallery Julian Isherwood, who has tracked down somewhere an unknown Titian painting and now would like to entrust the meticulously working restorer. After Allon has accepted the job, he strolls with Chiara by Covent Garden – and feels that something is wrong. “A figure in a gray wool coat” it’s scary. As an experienced agent he recognizes characters, the others remain hidden: the oversize of the mantle, the beads of sweat on the face of the man in cool autumn air … no doubt: an assassin who will blow right into the air! Chiara he sends to safety, then he wants to fire the final shot in the head – and is defeated by two policemen shortly before the bomb goes off and kills eighteen people. Allon is arrested and interrogated by the FBI until it later Graham Seymour, deputy director of MI5, from the awkward position out skin hours.

Where all intelligence agencies are working flat out to vorderster front the CIA can top agent Allon bad disappear to Cornwall. First he has to build its own small terrorist group that operates efficiently and to get into the monetary terrorism business. This is intended to be stalking the perpetrators, whether they are scattered remnants of al-Qaida or new bin Laden. Although everyone knows that the Saudi Arabian royal family is a major funder, but recently the intelligence found evidence on the Internet that Hamas could not pay the bereaved of their martyrs a fee once again

Finint -. Financial Intelligence – is just one of many services that can track the Secret services in real time around the world. Allon is to find a credible investor that can provide the Salafist leader and handlebar much money; this he has to be sure, in the lion’s den venture into the desert, the border region between Saudi Arabia and Yemen …

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What really looks like the work of the secret services, which methods and techniques they use and what moral, legal and political problems in reality occur that bring affairs like Wikileaks and the secret treason accused US citizen Edward Snowden to the public. But these are very different stories …

After the reading some parts of the “Gabriel Allon series” you are almost family-familiar with this eleventh band: they meet again familiar, cherished figures during the intelligence chiefs was otherwise often associated with more brutality, callousness and ruthlessness as differentiated characteristics. n, they appear this time almost blurred. They, too, have become simply older, set, do have a private life, where we may take a little insight: for example, loves pastries The Israeli Uzi Navot, but as already suggests the scent on his weight, he’d better stay away from it – finds wife Bella and makes thanks to a strict diet rules his home into a “police state” …

Whether Allon Rossi will be again wide strike to use next year? The eleventh has certainly badly damaged his psyche. Perhaps it should be started now at last indulge retired, so he can the spicy English sea air can be caress your face. And certainly wait several undiscovered ancient sweetie that he breathes them with its fine brush drawing quite peaceful new life.

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