The Light of Friendship That Burned Out

The thought of growing up seemed exhilarating. I could not wait to experience what the world had to offer, but at a young age the multitude of obstacles that would rear their ugly heads throughout adolescence were invisible to my unexperienced brain. Regardless of the magnitude, everyone in life faces several conflicts that mold them into the person they are. Losing my best friend changed me in more ways than imaginable, landing itself number one on my list of the largest obstacles I have had to overcome.

Years full of laughter, tears, and memories paved the road of our friendship. I grew up as an only child, but at the ripe age of nine, Amy became the sister I always wanted, but never had. We became so close that my mother claimed her as her own, but when I moved away in sophomore year, we agreed to not let it affect our friendship, yet soon our normal routine became a thing of the past and the inseparable became separable, As I moved away and began making new friends, the familiarity in my life dwindled and soon became absent.

Things seemingly intransient somehow developed a habit of flowing in and out like curtains though an open window. Following, Amy pulled closer ties with other friends and soon I became the burnt out light bulb in need of replacement. The light of our friendship went out, so it appeared only natural to escape the dark with a new light. It became evident that through failure to value our friendship fully, I managed to lose the best friend I had ever had.

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Through this experience I learned that friendship is like a fragile plant, one must continue to water it for it to thrive. I have nothing but appreciation for the people who stand by me today because of this experience that I may never have gained otherwise. I promised myself to never take a friend for granted again.

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