The Life of Galileo Galilei and His Popular Inventions

Galileo Galilei was born February 15, 1564 and died in 1642. He was born near Pisa, Italy and died in Florence, Italy. Galileo was an Italian was an astronomer. He studied in the field of astronomy. He was also a mathematician. he would give private tutoring lessons from 1885-1889. Plus in 1592 he obtained the the chair of mathematics the university of puda. in the Ventian Republic where he remained at until 1610.

Galileo had three children by a lady named Marina Gamba. He had two daughters and one son.

He sent both of his daughters to a convent because he could not provide a satisfactory education for his young daughters. But then later managed to have his legitament son.

In 1609 Galileo detected with his self made telescope four satellites and a moon around Jupiter. In that year he was appointed for life Chief mathematician of the university and the Philosopher and Mathematician to the Duke of Tuscany. And also in 1621 Galileo elected Council of the of the Academe Fiorentino.

Galileo invented several things. He invented an hydrostatic balance in 1608. In 1593 He invented the horse driven water pump. He also mad a geometric and military compass 1597. And in 1606 invented the thermometer. And his last invention was the pengelium clocks which was made in 1641.

Galileo had five theories. The first theory was the Principal of inertia. The next one was Law of Falling Bodies. The following Theory is The path of a projectile is a parabola. Then subsequently came the simple thermometer theory. There upon came the last law of Equilibrium.

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Galileo made some contributions contribution to science. He invented the Thermometer. That Helps us in our everyday lives. Now we can check our temperatures to see if we are sick. Thanks to him we have information about the solarsystem and it’s planets.

Galileo was different from the scientist at that time because he stood up for what he believe in. He was the only one who believed in himself. But he was similar to other scientist because he stood up for what they believe.

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