The Istanbul Passage by Joseph Kanon Review

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While in Europe are raging murderous battles of the II. World War and deported the Jewish population and killed, Istanbul politically and religiously persecuted developed into a vanishing point. Turkey maintains its neutrality between the blocks, and the seething city on two continents has lived for many centuries with people unterschiedlichster origin, religion, culture and language.

Also for intelligence is this confusing colorful location ideal. Nobody falls in here when meet all the camps in the crush of the streets or at receptions, parties and cultural events agents.

As we observe each other, listening to each other out, it serves his country (and often several men), and along the way you can thread lucrative deals. Masterminds are the American, British and Israeli intelligence, and above all monitored Emniyet, Turkey’s.

This inscrutable pulling and tugging to quickly end be prepared after the war. Americans want their tents, bring their people home. But the project turns out to be not so easy.

Many former enemy now promises to divulge explosive secrets when not bothered him in return for his atrocities during the Nazi regime; some allies puts it important to prevent exactly such transactions. A new war begins – a cold -., And mixes friends and enemies, partners and rivals again by

This stage selects Joseph Kanon for ” Istanbul Passage < "Joseph Kanon: "Istanbul Passage" at"

the protagonist, Leon Bauer, is quite unintentionally at the mercy of the secret services. After the ” < Kristallnacht" of Americans fled with his Jewish wife Anna from Berlin and lives in the safe Bosphorus since the outbreak of war.

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A tobacco merchant for R.J. Reynolds Company, he has a good job and gets around. In the hope of being able to bundle left behind in Berlin parents, Anna has equal joined the Jewish aid organization. Anyway on which secret ways - - In close cooperation with the Mossad does one manage to allow persecuted Jews ship passages to Palestine. But there is resistance from several sides: Americans, Russians and Britons are concerned about obstacles to build on that crowded, rotted pots block before Istanbul, so that the pent-out refugees are helpless isolated and suffer bitter distress. (This subject Zülfü Livaneli has in his novel "

As the (historical)” Struma Bratianu “” which was torpedoed in the Black Sea and sank, so that now goes “under, and Anna is an eyewitness. . as motionless bodies of children and adults to drive her, she jumps into the water to rescue survivors of this horrific experience she can not cope on their own, and soon she lives alone in a private nursing home Leon visited them almost daily and reported. her of further bailouts of the few Jews who survived the camps, but the darkened world of thought of his wife, he can not even reach this good news more.

While Anna’s activities by the Turkish secret were pursued diligently, Leon could in her shadow and under the guise of his unremarkable jobs undisturbed its own small contribution to the fight against the Nazis afford by unofficial and off he BOTEND ervices for the US Secret Service took over, smuggled documents, raw materials of war bought the Germans from under the nose.

Leon’s direct customer is Tommy King, which can be a good friend, a nonchalant “chatterbox”, but also an inscrutable type that could be expected some “night-and-dagger operation”. He learns Leon in the confusion of months after the war that the relevant department dissolved and he will leave Istanbul. Shortly before his departure, he cobbled Leon incidentally one last task: On the plane that brings Tommy to Washington, to be housed “by accident” a person who will be foreclosed must and must never be lost. Of course, Tommy may be placed with the action associated in any case. Before he makes himself invisible, he still raises Leon the name of the unknown to “John Doe” – a Allerweltsname

Now Leon is extremely dubious in and found apparently very dangerous matter on their own.. Also over the precious cargo, which is soon to be handed over into his care, he could not elicit much Tommy – “a lot … a very handsome photo album … Mother Russia aerial reconnaissance, the Germans have everything photographed …..” Am evening harbor to expect the Romanian Mihai, a tireless fighter who had already organized together with Anna ship passages for the Jews and prepared now after the war the last scrapped pots for some ports for onward travel to Palestine. A small fishing boat anchors, the passenger is in haste led to the car, the fishermen paid – because crunch tires, a car door slammed, explodes the air, screams, shots, Mihai is injured, Leon reaches his gun, aiming, hitting the attacker then nothing like the scene …

the upright Leon has become a murderer to Mihai and the unknown to save the life away. But in times like these are guilt and innocence as uncertain variables such as identity and character of others. Gradually, the facades like dominoes, and Leon are tumbling chain reaction can stop at any time, unless he would turn himself in to the police. Instead, he makes a career, to solve the murder, caught between two stools, one of which Emniyet, the Turkish police, the Russian intelligence to spring from him, and tried in all of this, to preserve his moral integrity. “What do you do when you can not do anything right? Just wrong? Either way?”

Joseph Kanon has been able to develop a completely fascinating and compelling spy thriller. He takes the reader through a turbulent action, Leon deeply tangled in their nets and ropes, he leads us into the bustling Turkish metropolis on crowded places, through quiet streets to the old wooden houses on the Bosphorus, it leaves an exciting political upheaval revive, a new order had to emerge only in the, and finally he created lifelike characters whose experiences and emotions stir the reader.

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