The Issues of Sexism, Racism, and Prejudice Towards the LGBT Community in China

There are many issues faced by the Chinese in the modern world. Diversity in general is not being met well. There are large issues of sexism, racism, and prejudice towards the LGBT community as well as class separation problems, The sexism in China stems from the age-old Chinese tradition of placing far more value on a man’s life than a woman’s, Throughout their history, Chinese have considered men to be more useful, smarter, more physically fit, and overall better.

Because of this, combined with China‘s one-child-per—family policy, many Chinese girls are aborted or abandoned, As stated by Andres T. Tapia and Susan Welch on The Inclusion Paradox, this is leading to a huge gender imbalance. In China, there are 119 boys for every 100 girls. This also combines with the class differences and discrimination based on class to start creating a whole population in rural areas of poor, single males who aren‘t able to find a wife because of all the women (what little women there are to begin with) moving to cities to find work, and eventually getting married there.

Men can’t do that, because in China, the norm is that the higher class men may have whatever woman they choose, but lower class men may not marry a woman of a higher class than himself. Racism in China stems from ancient Han culture and the ethnocentrism that is prevalent in it. The Han people are the largest ethnic group in the world, and they make up 91% of China’s population.

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They have a huge problem with social Darwinism, believing that they are the best society and that the other cultures around them are inferior and must be taught to change and be more like the Han. They also, historically, have not had a large amount of immigration from other continents and now that they have a lot ofAfrican immigrants in the city of Guangzhou and other areas, they have to deal with people who look, act, and sound absolutely different than themselves, which is unusual for the Chinese.

While they have had a lot of experience with cultural diversity within their borders and with neighboring countries, they haven‘t had a lot of experience with people of different ethnicities and races in their society, Those people are being looked down upon because of their difference, and many African immigrants protested police harrassment in Guangzhou recently, Prejudice towards the LGBT community is probably in the best shape as far as progress is concerned towards acceptance of diversity in China, While the law hasn’t caught up to societal progress, more and more people are “coming out” as homosexual or transgender in China and more people are being accepted for who they are as far as gender and sexual preference go, It’s encouraging to see people like Qian Jinfan, who came out as transgender at the age of 80, finally feeling like they will be accepted and encouraged to embrace their true selves in a place of so much oppression and prejudice.

Awhole awful lot of these problems could be made better if it weren‘t for the weak state of the central government Much of the reason China is having such problems is because it’s in a similar political state to what the South in the United States was like before the Civil War, in that the power lies with local elites with all the money and very little lies with the central government. Policy regarding police harassment, policy recognizing same-sex marriage and freeing people to choose for themselves to get gender replacement surgery and many similar policies to address other issues would go a long way to helping China face its problems with diversity The only way to achieve all that would be with a stronger central government, and China has to let go of its communist policies to take the first step towards dealing with diversity. The only real answer to diversity is acceptance, and accepting diversity means accepting libertyi.

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