The Issue of Sexism in the Hip Hop Culture

The hip hop cttltttre mushroomed from an atmosphere of disillusionment and disappointment after the end of the civil rights era, Gangsta rap was the first to get popularity. This was a form of hip hop where rappers talked about drugs, sex, smoking, prostitution, and thug life, Hip hop has been accused of often misleading people and advocating for violation of authority. Hip-hop has a sordid relationship with women where male artists dominate the industry. Female artists in hip-hop usually are not taken seriously in their lyrics which makes hip-hop a field dominated by machismo and bravado.

Hip hop among all the other genres of music is the one that faces this problem of ridicule on women.

Many hip hop videos seek to demean women and degrade them, Sexism is rampant in hip hop nowadays than ever before. There have been campaigns on parental advisory to control the message that is passed by hip hop especially to the young people and children.

This is because in most cases the message in many hip hop songs is more abusive than constructive. Most of these campaigns hardly succeed owing to the fact that hip hop is globally popular than most of the other music genres like rock.

This makes it hard to manage the content since different countries have different rules. This paper, however, seeks to relate hip hop to the growing misconduct and growth of sexism in the society, It goes deeper to show how hip hop abuses women rights and no action is taken to stop such social misconduct.

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The views of male hip hop artists about women and sexuality are also included. Popular artists like Snoop Dog and Trey songs have been featured among many others who brag of having sex with several women and referring to them as bitches and hoes.

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