The Importance of Technology and Inventions of the Byzantine Empire

Throughout history, technology has been very important. From the beginning of time little or big things have been invented to help us live better, or just to make life easier.

Technology is a tool that simplifies a task. First technology is shown with Roman architecture such as, the coliseum entertainment and the Aqueducts for fresh water. Then technology is shown used for travel and trade shown by the Roman Roads. The Roman Roads were only for the military to travel faster at first.

Then opened up and people used them for trade. Lastly, technology is also used for warfare like Greek Fire. Greek Fire is a liquid and usually shoots at other people from boats. Technology is used for a bunch of reasons, not just these few. These inventions have helped not only back then, but help today with more modern versions.

History goes back a long time, to help people a bunch of inventions were made to make life easier. One of the inventions include Roman architecture. Some of the inventions include the coliseum which was for entertainment for games. The Colosseum was made in 70 AD. The coliseum was built during the Pax Romana which was a golden age. The emperor during the Pax Romana was Agustus. In the Colosseum they would play gladiator games. The gladiators were usually prisoners or slaves and some even volunteered. In the building there were also playing and dramas and animal fights. In the Colosseum it could hold a maximum 250,000 people to watch. Another example is the Aqueducts.

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The aqueduct brought fresh clean water all over Rome It was made from bricks and stones. The architecture includes arches.

The aqueduct was made in 312 BC. Water would run down aqueduct because it was on a very slight slant. Since there was at a slant it would gain momentum to get the water to the other side of the town or city. The aqueducts would start from a main water, water source like a lake, river, or spring. This invention provided for many people and prevented illnesses because the old Roman people would have to drink dirty water. Since the invention the people get fresh water. Fresh water is something important to keep people healthy. Both inventions may have not started out the best, but later on became very important. Back then the Romans started a good process for modern versions to be made and ease situations today.

The issue of technology has changed roman architecture as in the coliseum and the Aqueducts and the Roman Roads. The coliseum and the aqueducts were building up the economy. The Roman Roads were originally for transportation and security. Claudius Caecus the Emporer in the late 300s. Engineering was really important so that the road would go straight and where it needed to go. They had to go through small bodies of water and forests. The roads consisted of, regular roads, tunnels, bridges, and other engineering skills. From city to city the roads spread. The roads started from Britain to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and from the Danube River in Spain and northern Africa. The roads had three layers. The layers were gravel, stone and rock also including sand and concrete.

The roads had to be thick because from time to time there’s going to be millions of people going across them. They were made four and a half feet thick. The roads were made higher in the middle and lower on the sides because it was similar the first plumbing system. When it rained the water would just run off. They were originally made to transport the army’s. A little while later the roads were used for trading. Since everyone was trading on the roads an increase of mixing cultures began. Later on the roads were an instant highway for the spread of Christianity. The roads had a significant impact on Rome. The public roads covered over 50,000 miles long. The roads carried on to more success in Roman history. The roads are still around today, they don’t look exactly the same but are still there. Thanks to the Romans for building the Roman Roads in modern times we have realistic roads and highways. The Reds played a big role in how our world is today.

The issue of technology has changed from the Roman Roads to Greek Fire. The roads were built for safety and transportation. Greek Fire was constructed for warfare. Some referred to it as “Sea Fire”. Greek Fire was from the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire is located in the Eastern Roman Empire. Justinian was the Byzantines emperor, he ruled from 527 to 565 AD. The capital was Constantinople. The Byzantine Empire lasted from 330 to 1453 CE. Greek Fire was a liquid fire. Greek Fire was launched from tubes that were connected onto the Greek ships when they were attacking Constantinople in 673. The dramatic effect was the fire being sprayed at the others. It wasn’t any ordinary fire because to put it out you would use urine or sand. The recipe for the fire was kept a secret and today is still a mystery. Since the fire was very difficult to control, accidentally they would set their own ships on fire. Because of how much it affected others, the fire helped win several naval battles. Mostly towards the end of the Byzantine Empire is when the fire was most effective. In the Byzantine time Greek Fire was the most advanced weapon.

The issue of technology has continued throughout history. The Aqueducts and Colosseum, Roman Roads, and Greek Fire were all invented to help people live their lives easier. Later on in 1879 the light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison. The light bulb was invented so people could have light when the natural light wasn’t provided. New things are made to make technology, stronger and have the effect to be stronger. In the future, it is likely that there with be self driving cars. This tool makes driving easier, so you don’t need to have total concentration on the road. However the modern versions help a lot today with our daily lives, such as self driving cars like Teslas. Since technologies like these and others in the future were advanced, they allowed other things to become more important. However the modern versions help a lot today with our daily lives.

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