The Importance Of Empathy

There was once a young lady who was deeply hurt due to multiple catastrophes in her life. This effected her sentiments. To other people, she seemed rude, unkind and mean. The girl knew she didn’t mean to be so but due to all the events in her life, she couldn’t help it. The emotions came spontaneously. In today’s life, people need the support of others due to various reasons like dealing with stress, anxiety and more. Numerous negative emotions team up and form a power which controls all the reactions of a person.

A closely related term is ‘perspective’. People have their own outlooks and they actjust in symphony with that. It‘s like a ‘by default’ setting. But this does not help anyone. What we all need to learn is to look from the other‘s point of view too. What he or she might be going through. This is where empathy comes in. These words usually get a deaf ear when spoken of.

Researches define empathy as ‘the ability to sense other peoples emotions, pairing with the ability to imagine how the other might be feeling.’

Try imagining this. You have been struck with an immensely heartbreaking moment. This accident has shattered your life beyond repair. You are living but the sweetness of your life has not only disappeared but has also been replaced by something that is consuming you from the inside. Yet, you have to continue with your daily routine in order to live a life.

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You go to the office everyday or the market whenever needed. Your sorrow has effected your expressions and feelings. You feel yourself getting tougher on the outside. People will not know what you’re going through but they will definitely penetrate into the fact that you are a mean and rude person, by heart. From their point of view, you’re behaviour is unbearable, but from yours it’s spontaneous. At such moments, you need the support of someone who would try to help you out and try to feel empathetic towards you.

Such people are known as emphats, but that’s for later, There’s about thousand reasons where people’s perspectives affect others. Some perspectives just change the way one thinks about others, some might change the third person’s lives. According to WHO, around eight million people die from emotional complications every year, If we give a bit of attention to the term ‘humanity’ we would understand how fateful this loss is. It might sound selfish but this spin of behaviour is changing us too. Empathy is something that is needed in every nook and cranny of the planet. A student needs empathy, a parent needs empathy, a minister needs empathy, an actor needs empathy and just about every person on the Earth…needs empathy. As people on the planet, it is our unwritten duty to provide empathy to whoever needs it. Asimply kind and understanding statement from one could bring comfon in a person’s life, Although this simple statement looks easy to be delivered, it is actually not.

Empathy is a very small subject in people’s lives, nothing that matters. But if studied deeply, it can actually become a renowned power in everybody. All people know about empathy is that it is when one can feel for an other. But it’s augmented beyond belief. There’s vast knowledge even in a minute subject like ‘empathy‘. It’s not all about the goods empathy is about. Like everything, it has a dark side too. Try pondering this question with deep concentration, ‘Whom is empathy good for, receiver or empathizer?” Sometimes, empathy is not used according to what it is being shown for. It helps the empathiser believe that ‘l’m the hero for him’. These situations arrive when the empathizer is not pure.

But when he/she is, it might still affect. “While being empathic may be considered a gift, it can often be a hit of a cutse due to the fact that you may not necessarily know that the thoughts you are thinking or what you are feeling belongs to you.” David Rapaport, a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic ego psychologist had once said Psychologists have about a hundred patients coming and going everyday. Ever wondered why they aren’t affected? Truth is, they are. Many prominent psychologists have Suicided due to various psychological issues, Some of them include Michael Mahoney, Lawrence Kohlberg, Petmska Clarkson, Jon Driver and suchllke, The reason for their deaths was depression, stress along with all the emotional problems one can have.

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