The Importance of Empathy and Equality in Schools

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In the article “Beneath the Apathy,” the apathy in students importantly affects the performance of a lot of schools, which have students from poor or low income families, decreasing the high hopes that teachers have about school performance. The teachers in these schools would say that the students or their parents are responsible for their low performance in school, even more in the case of the black and Latino students.. However, there are studies which shows that Black and Latino students and their parents are always willing to go school and get their studies to college level.

Many teachers, who exclusively base their argument on student’s apathy, do not have consideration in additional factors that might make the students not be involved in studies or focused on learning while they are in and out of school; many students are ready and willing to learn when they first start school. Improving the educational equality in schools, moderating any form of racism and ensuring that the whites are not given more privileges than poor or low income families will increase the level of performance, not only for individual performance but also for the school performance.

They consider that students from low income families almost always care less, and they also believe that parents do not help in this situation about the importance of getting better in school. The value of education does not seem to be important in these familiesEffective professional development from the early childhood years should be taught and the parents from black and Latino families should advise about the importance to go to school and get a good education.

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In the case of culturally, linguistically and racially diverse students, the highest barriers that might affect their educational goals in schools are racial tension, different levels of opportunities from the students regarding education, different perceptions concerning the educational curriculum that is being used, poor instructional practices, poor attitude from both students and teachers about their behavior, and student perception on discipline.

White privilege The barriers to educational achievements for students, even more for the black and Latino groups, that are considered as a affected poverty areas, include small opportunities for learning programs which are offered as they do not expect changes in their living values because of education. Teachers discuss that students from poor or low income families, even more those from the Latino and black families do not continue with studies to college level. However, compared to those from white, rich or high income families who can have enough money for college fees, stating that the students are really affected by their culture, origin and race in determining about their future career goals.

This point of view of low expectations from professors is also taken by the school counselors, who, the students demand, always misinformed them through incorrect advice of attending short courses in colleges; for example, they continue with studies and take short college’s courses level. I clear examples of this situation would be when I just arrived to my last college. I went to the orientation and I had to take many exams to see if my English was good enough to take college courses. I passed all the exams and I was ready to take college courses. However my advisor did not let me take any of this level because she said it was my first semester and it would be hard for me.

Therefore, my first semester practically I wasted my time in courses that did not help me at all. The second semester, she wanted me to do the same, however I went to look for another advisor who can help me in this situation. This idea is not the correct by the students and they always disagree with this. It is definitely a big point of inequality in education. The students from poor or low income families are considered as equal as the rich or high income families. It means that they have to do short courses, as instructed by the school counselors, even if the students were willing to complete their studies and accomplish a college education. This indicates that every students must have equal opportunities in education, get the same educational assistance irrespective of background where the student comes from and the school counselors should know that they are estimated to perform in a neutral way, without appealing themselves negatively in the background where the students come from.

If this is accomplished, every student will have the same opportunities in education programs, and there will not be this group division about student’s background. They will help in satisfying their childhood educational dreams. Instructional practices Each level of student understanding has a big influence because the instructional practices from professors that students do not see it very important to them. Teachers think that their teaching method is the best, however, students have another view about it. This is because this teaching method does not help the majority of black and Latino students. These students argue that the teachers make the course harder to understand. When they have question about a given topic, they do not receive the help they need. Even if all these students are claiming about it, the professors are still thinking that their teaching method is the best, ignoring the black or Latino students and raising the level of inequality in school.
Therefore, in my opinion teachers must use appropriate teaching methods, so every student from different groups can understand. If a black or latino student has problems with something about the school, teachers must help that student as equally as they help a white student. Questionnaires might be used to analyze a given learming method from the students instead of the professors evaluating themselves, because they will both late themselves as being normal or above normal, or even outstanding. Students understanding is always the most important think in any success in school, either it is educational performance or out of class activities such as sports.

Educational equity There is a high sense of educational inequality in schools, because students from poor or low income families are considered and see as a group that does not have educational future, supporting the idea of bad relationships among teachers and students from black and Latino families. Bad relationships between teachers and these students is not good at all because will affect how the students behave towards them and the way they see school, making them disrespect any advice that their teachers provide to them, which of course may have helped them to accomplish their childhood educational goals. Teachers must exercisea high degree of care and ability towards the less privileged students, as this will increase the connection between them, allowing them to have a profounder understanding of one another’s needs and preferences about educational matters.

There is always important have teachers who worry about the student’s problems, those teachers who can simply recognize individual student problems and provide a good advice trying to solve the problem. This will increase the probablity of the black and Latino students to have a higher level of learning such as colleges and universities and als0 accomplish their goals. After this, black and Latino students will match students from white and rich families. Therefore, teachers have a big influence on confirming that there is inequality between the students from all races and cultures. There is an attempt to try to make them feel accepted in school, and therefore increasing and improving their pertormance and the success of their educational goals. Racial Acts Racist attitudes between teachers and students have a negative impact on the student’s performance in school.

Teachers must treat students equally, regardless where do you come from, either black, white or Latino. If students are treated the same, they will always have a good behave towards their teachers. They will always participate in educational activities if they observe equally in school. Therefore, this will increase their morale towards learning and thus performance in school. There is a lot of tension in college and universities about this topic because students are between the main groups that are affected by racial cases of discrimination. People believe that teachers are always responsible for this; they can either increase the racial tension in schools or moderate its effects. The reason is because if teachers have a good relationship with their students, their assistance on equality in schools may be heard by the students regardless where one comes from. This can increase the connection among students from different cultures and races and thus, performance as they will get a chance of socializing with each other and sharing ideas, therefore feeling accepted.


From the discussion above, it can be concluded that if there are more educational equiality in schools, eliminating racism, and making sure that every student has the same opportunities will improve the performance environment of all students. I strongly believe that if human beings set their minds that all races are equal, then all the concepts discussed above will be achieved in the process and there will be no form of tension between the students from different races.

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