The Importance of Continuing Nursing Professional Development


In the healthcare sector, nursing is considered as the profession, which takes care of the patients so that they can recover their health as soon as possible. The nursing staff looks after the maintenance and fast recovery of the patients. The practice of nursing is expanding its roots in terms of better quality and treatments. It is a growing industry in the healthcare sector by using the modern technology and concepts (Burton & Ludwig 2014). Hence in this context, the thesis statement can be stated as, “whether there is a need to educate the nurses about the changes and growth in nursing practice or not?”

Nursing practice changes and growth

The growth in the healthcare services leads to increase the possibility of growth in nursing in hospitals and nursing homes.

The procedure of educating the nurses during the 20th century is no longer in working conditions in the present situation. The nurses have to deliver high-quality services to patients as the complications of the diseases have enhanced very severely in the 21st century.

To increase the efficiency of the nurses, they need to be qualified in different categories of healthcare such as health guidelines, information technology, improvements in teamwork and research-based practices (National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicines, 2011).

In the process of growth in the nursing practice, the concepts of continuity and continuum also play a significant role. The concept of continuity and continuum is the set of different healthcare strategies, which are arranged by the nurses to achieve recovery of patients very quickly.

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These strategies are arranged in a comprehensive manner so that the intensity of care can be improved. With the increase in the continuum procedure, there is a significant improvement in different types of healthcare segments such as parental care, mental illness, and rehabilitation from injuries and genetic defects (HIMSS, 2014).

The concept of accountable care organizations (ACOs) has also increased in healthcare, which reflects the development in this division. These ACOs provides the facility of healthcare with the collaboration of the local doctors and volunteers in an organized system. The information is gathered in electronic forms arrangement, which reduces the time of filling the medical history and other paper work. There is no need to repeat the previous tests as the doctors already have those reports from the consulted doctor. With the enhancement of the educational system of nurses will enable them to understand the procedure of ACOs in an efficient way (Medicare, 2016).

Along with the above-mentioned concepts, there are some other perceptions in which the nurses can be educated to understand the growth and changes in the healthcare sector. The medical homes are dedicated to the patients in whom they are taken care of by a team of volunteers and doctors. On the other hand, the nurse-managed centers are provided in the areas where there is remote access to healthcare facilities. Both the centers need to be developed to improve the healthcare service. Further, educating the nurses in this context will enhance the tendency of better treatments and care for the patients. Along with that, the rural areas, where the access of medical facilities are inaccessible, will get the benefit of better treatments and care (Donohue & Maragakis, 2015).


From the above discussion, it is clear that there is a need of educating the nursing staff in order to get an improvement in growth and change in the healthcare sector. Along with that, the knowledge of continuity and continuum, medical homes and ACOs is also very essential for nurses in order to have better care and treatment. Hence in this context, the thesis statement can be restated that there is a significant need for educating the nurses about the changes and growth in nursing practice.  


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