The Impacts of Teachers and Parents on Children

Many people believe that when children start school, their teachers have more impact on their intellectual and social growth than their parents. In my opinion, both parents and teachers affect children’s mind and behavior, but the latter’s influence is greater. On the one hand, there are several reasons why teachers have more influence on children’s growth. Firstly, teachers have more time to teach children every day and they are professionally trained to do the job. Secondly, their goal is to ensure children improve intellectually and socially.

Through their structured lessons and the way they ask questions, the children expand their knowledge and develop thinking skills, such as reasoning, analytical or logical, Furthermore, teachers organize a wide range of activities such as pair work, group work, games or competitions in class through which the children have a chance to acquire social skills, such as working in team and negotiation or communication.

As a result, children are better aware of who they are, their surrounding and learn to relate to other people, At the same time, parents also join hands to bring up their children.

Parents help their little ones with homework. They also expand their knowledge about the outside world through the activities they do with their parents. For example, parents take the kids to the zoo, so that children can learn about a wide variety of species: animals and plants. Besides, parents can be a model for their children in terms of behavior and lifestyles. The children learn how to behave and treat others from parents.

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However, what they learn from parents is random, not structured or planned and the influence can be positive or negative. To conclude, most children go to school to have a chance to develop their mind and social skills. However, both teachers and parents should cooperate to ensure children‘s all-rounded growth.

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