The Impacts Of 5g Networks On Mobile And Iot Data Generations

5G impact on new data sources

Smartphones are the catalyst of major change not only in the mobile market but the industry as a whole. Applications built on technologies such as IOT ,virtual reality ,telepresence and AI will benefit from the 5G as it has massive data pipes and ultra-low latency . Its fiber-like speeds will enable UHD video streaming and entirely new business models for cable companies like Netflix,youtube streaming subscription provider it will prove as a boon. The entire connectivity that supports the delivery of those consumer mobile services has evolved to include all the areas of our lives eventually, as the internet of things (IoT) becomes a reality.

Mobile carriers are working hard in developing and making plans for next-generation 5G networks — and as the smartphones are the most transformative product in mobile telecoms, this revolution will become by far the most intelligent mobile network the world has ever seen, as well as being the most ‘open,’ creating exciting new opportunities for IoT innovation at the edge.

5G will not only enriches the experiences for existing applications as the accessibility to the content gets faster but also enables the new IoT use cases which cannot be enabled by 4G. 5G will serve and change how we think about connectivity for home, large scale or small scale enterprises and automotive industry. The most exciting part about the industrial applications of 5G will transform business and every industry possible .5G is not comprised of a standalone new technology, its disruptive nature comes from its ability to completely add the power of heterogeneous new and existing networks that the companies are currently providing, mobile, fixed and wireless that creates flexibility.

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Comparative differences of 4G and 5G networks in terms of data, applications, and performance:

The 5G wireless technology is modified 4G, which at present is facing many problems to meet its performance goals.

Comparing 4G and 5G technologies on the basis of following given factors:

Frequency band
Switches designed to forward the data.

The 5G wireless technology helps to solve the problems of poor coverage that we face in day to day life, bad interconnectivity, poor quality of service and flexibility. An ideal 5G wireless technology to accommodate the challenges and shortfalls of 4G deployments as well as the significant system improvements on the earlier wireless technologies.

The LTE-based 4G networks are going through fast and continuous deployment. As 5G networks is emerging and its not fully developed so is mostly comprises of research papers and pilot projects.
Wireless networks till 4G mostly focused on the availability of raw bandwidth, while 5G is aiming on providing connectivity to lay grounds for fast and steady access to the Internet users located anywhere irrespective of their location.
The 5G networks are not separately constructed but are made from the combination of technologies like 2G, 3G, LTE, LTE-A, Wi-Fi, M2M, etc. 5G will be designed to support applications such as the IoT, augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence and immersive gaming.

Machine Learning algorithms applicable to 5G data.

Next-generation wireless networks using IOT , AI and current Machine learning algorithms are expected to support extremely high data rates and faster connectivity. Machine learning promises to provide the smarter use of network-produced or consumed data and would expect service providers to adapt to changes in traffic patterns, security risks and user behaviour to collect as well as share data at faster speed. This will also affect the work in fields such as coding high end machine learning algorithms; huge data collection , its storage and management; and network management and orchestration. Machine learning as a whole field deals with all of the above mentioned technologies so it is very important to have high connectivity that the 5G network promises. 

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