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The illiterate, could count by Jonas Jonasson Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Nelson Mandela

Nombeko Mayeki is lucky. It has a roof over your head, a steady job and nine years of professional experience. She is fourteen only. That their work is objectionable, does not matter. It is only the springboard for a fairytale career.

Every day she disposed of buckets of feces in the South African Soweto, where conditions stink to high heaven. Even for the new assistant of the Health Department, the vapors exceed any tolerable degree. And so he heaves Nombeko to the just vacated executive chair of “Latrinentonnenträger” – the other two candidates are not even published. From the new incumbent will be made later but good. You can set up latrines, requested four new wash-houses (one of which is approved it) … we need to abbreviate somewhat the further career here

Soon, at least they catapulted an unexpected blow to even higher levels of existence. In downtown Johannesburg, they rammed Mr. van der Westhuizen, completely drunk as usual, with his car. Since the walkway, she used, “White reserved” was, it is she needs to answer in court. But in the process they can barely put something in their defense: Your jaw is zerdeppert broken a leg and an arm. But the injured party is the vehicle driver, and to him it should pay damages for “mental suffering” and the cost of repairing the battered car.

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The amount could Nombeko loosely pay. Sewn into their Jackensäume hoarding a lot of diamonds. Why and where did you learn pretty much at the beginning of the novel. But if even one of them got out, she would sit for life in prison.

As a beneficial arrangement for both sides opened. For seven years shall be as a cleaner at the Lord’s services Nombeko. The changing “bottle Klipdrift brandy” is a senior engineer of the nuclear research facility Pelindaba and to promote South Africa in the league of nuclear states. But the arrogant Suffkopf can not bring. After one year before and futile Forschens he’ll have to hang up his job soon. Well that his new Domestikin is equipped with above-average intelligence. Devours the literature (the one with the illiterate have to take less accurate), and already it has higher mathematics, chemistry and nuclear physics under control. Only thanks to their whisperings in feudal-equipped high-security wing of South Africa can finally test its first atomic bomb.

The budget provides for six warheads. But because the one hand does not know what the other is doing, the engineer is constantly full as a howitzer and the plaster can not take care of everything (after all, she is the “feudeln” here), there is a surplus copy at a time. Where to put it? After Israel. But there meets a dried antelope meat instead of hi-tech weapon. “Bad luck”. The three Chinese women who bagging the post of the research facility (and some extra money with counterfeit from the Han Dynasty earn), stop the stickers have confused

And who now has the seventh bomb on the cheek? Nombeko course. And just in the nuclear-free Sweden, where she has applied for asylum. How to make the thing safe? How to get rid it again? The best ideas come to Nombeko while chewing dried antelope meat, but that is the Middle East.

For author Jonas Jonasson there are no insurmountable problems. Head full of bizarre ideas, he tells stories uncontrollably in front of himself. It will come up something. Maybe him a pony

Nombekos arrival runs so on the road. In Sweden takes a narrative thread that had been developed in parallel and the reader’s hair does not resist less. Ingmar Qvist, rank lowest postal worker from Sodertalje, pursuing a project that would go far beyond his lifetime: the extermination of the Swedish monarchy. For this noble purpose he testifies to the “aspiring seamstress” Henrietta one of twins, “Holger and Holger”. Holger 1, underprivileged, like his father, enters his footsteps as Radikalinski who would go to extremes. Holger 2, however, is “a bright head”. Why he will reap with his noble aunt Gertrude plenty of potatoes and yet the existence question is, well, even that can not be easily summarized here, you will, however, prepare a lot of reading pleasure.

While an absurd story the other follows on the heels of that world history is flowing nonchalantly since the forties with a. Some smugness of the author remains one stuck in her throat when she remembers about the sarcasm of the rearmament policy of nuclear balance: The assembled explosive power of all the nuclear bombs on earth enough to the world to blow up “fourteen to sixteen times” in the air – from the perspective the “pessimistic”; “Optimists tended to two times”.

“to be surrounded exclusively by full idiots” While it seems Nombekos fate (including the “Trantüten” “A” and “B”, two amateurish Mossad agents) may also be important heads of real history, as King Carl Gustav V., President Carter and Nelson Mandela, play along. When the party secretary of Guizhou Province bored on a visit to South Africa, nothing goes without Nombeko, it has yet learned the language of the three Chinese postal girls. They accompanied the convoy on safari, not giving way to the guest from the side and chat with him about this and that. Among other things, she puts him that South Africa has the bomb. So she has “won a friend for life.” – it is China’s late President Hu Jintao

Jonas Jonasson new novel “is illiterate som customer räkna” we must, as has been his debut, despite the game with reality not measure up to their standards. The probability that a black illiterate from the slums of Soweto career does, unfortunately, is indeed still low. Rather, it is a fairy tale for adults with a happy ending. Good and evil, stupid and cunning are clearly defined, the reality is sometimes frighteningly normal, partly wildest Absurdistan. The fable of the illiterate who not only expect, but certainly also read can is full of optimism and features imaginative entertainment at its best. I have this is also the merit of Wibke Kuhn, the ( “full post” “Grease Rag” …) has its fleet translation with magnificent gems current slang peppered.

This book in the list to my 20 favorite books”

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