"The Hundred Years, Which Rose Out Of The Window And Disappeared" By Jonas Jonasson

Topics: Mao Zedong

With his first novel, “The Hundred Years, which rose out of the window and disappeared”, the Swede Jonas Jonasson won the hearts of many readers within a very short time. His novel entertains anyone, young or old. The writing style is easy and fluid, entertaining and lively, full of colloquialisms. The author is a true artist of fabulation; furious rages from his imagination. Its main characters – the friends with whom the Hundred Years surrounds himself – lie, the bars that turn – Baron Munchausen is an orphan about it.

Jonasson made his story funny and humorous. Even life-threatening situations in the life of centenarians are full of humor

After a turbulent life of 99-year-old Allan lives Karlsson recent years in a cottage with a hangover and a crowd hens. One day the fox caught the cat and tears some chickens. Allan wants to take revenge, “You can have war, you son of a fox.” He places an explosive device that ignites in fact, everything blows up, including barn and house, and Allan, the one sitting place in his chair, gets a new place to live in a nursing home Malmköping.

Sister Alice, the “old lethal injection,” explains him in great detail the house rules with exact stipulated times and numerous prohibitions. Live here? The old man decides to die in his sleep.

In four months he will be 100 years old. The preparations for the ceremony are in full swing. The Musi will play City Council, ministers and other dignitaries congratulate speeches are swinging, the press will cannibalize the event.

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But please not with Allan.

In the morning of this sacred day the old man flees. Spontaneously and without a plan he climbs out the window, landing in the flower beds – oh dear, he wears still his “Pisspantoffeln” (The gravity obedient, always a drop falls straight for sameness …) – but there is no turning back , Direct route runs to the station. He wants to get away, quick and wherever. In the waiting room, he is accosted by a sleazy, boorish young man with the slogan “Never again” on the jacket. He had time to the toilet, and as his suitcase did not fit through the door, the old “geezer” one eye may throw it yet.

Since even the bus arrives driven up. How convenient that the suitcase rolls has – as it is Allan easy to steal the property of Unsympathen. When, many times easier, leaving his quiet village, he curses the old man: “You’re as good as dead, you old fucker.” And you can understand, are still 50 million crowns drug money in the trunk.

This windfall starts for Allan a later new phase of life. A mob of policemen “Never again” -Mafia troupe and a horde of journalists chasing him. But Allan established with the friends he meets on his journey, dedicates in his secret and makes accomplices, a committed team. Despite several bodies that must unfortunately and inevitably remain at the wayside, later, everything dissolves into thin air: a clean, coherent tall tale convinced the prosecutor of the general innocence – and then this plot fairy tale ending: Allan and his friends travel to Bali and if they have not died, they still live there today.

In 1905, the second story arc begins. Since Jonas Jonasson processed what has happened in 100 years history. More specifically: By pushes Allan from one venue to another, the author creates an admirably compact, accurate compressed, coherent in its structure panopticon of States and their handlers, realities and ideologies. But beware: fall for Humbug, is your own fault. (For example, are Allan, explosives specialist learning by doing and clueless in physics, Robert Oppenheimer the decisive clue to build the atomic bomb).

Chapter way episodes replace Allan’s odyssey in the present and his appearances on the parquet floor from world politics. Allan, the Ingenue APolitical, tumbles unintentionally and randomly in the middle of the trouble spots of the world. He receives invitations from leaders unterschiedlichster Couleur – Stalin, Truman and Franco, to name only a few of its hosts – because all hope to gain advantages – at least good advice, if not equal to the atomic bomb.

That Allan unplanned and purposeless ( It comes as it comes) influences the fate of the world, history can often be as senseless, paradoxical grotesque appear as a few examples illustrate: Allan to the request of the Shah of Iran to assassinate Churchill perform – then defeated him skilfully himself and Allan fought with Chiang Kai-shek (who is portrayed as henpecked his wife Soong Mei-ling, a good friend of Roosevelt and Strippenzieherin) the rise of Mao and the Communists – and later freed Mao’s wife Jiang Qing from the prison camp of the Kuomintang.

Mao, his new found friend, thanks for royally with him – with money that comes in a roundabout way from the US. Allan works for the CIA in Moscow and advertises a Soviet physicist – but whose knowledge he passes on each side, and fiction are conscientious and credible mixed. Consequently, Allan allergic reaction as soon as the authorities want ideologise him because as a socialist, republican, communist or fascist, he can never be stamped. This amusing with a touch of romance with a sympathetic fictional character as the protagonist I have in the list.

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"The Hundred Years, Which Rose Out Of The Window And Disappeared" By Jonas Jonasson
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