The human lifestyle is one of the most usual part in the

The human lifestyle is one of the most usual part in the daily society. It may include in work and leisure aspects from hobbies, fashion, daily activities, experiences to health and especially eating habits. Depending on the region, eating habit and tendency may vary based on that specific area. The multiculturalism in Australia has transformed this country to become a big home between many different cultures around the world. That beings said, the increase in Asian population caused the variety of Eastern lifestyle into Australia.

For instance, since bubble tea-one of the most Taiwanese popular drink-entered Australian market in 2012, it has established the new period of this well-liked drink in Australia.

Even it was significantly successful in Asia-Pacific market, investors also needed to consider carefully when launching to Western culture market such as Australia. This is defined as market research of the investors which discovers the information of use before making the marketing decisions from internal to external factors such as market segmentation, sales performance, quality or quantity of the products, distribution, pricing and so on (Elliott, 2014).

Initially, when deciding to enter Australian market, Gong Cha has properly researched the lifestyle, living standards and the potentials based on the observation from available or similar milk tea brands (Powell, 2018). The owner Kyle Lam of Gong Cha brand recognized the potentials in this market appropriate to invest, so he decided to bring the collaboration of fried chicken and bubble tea franchise into Australia in 2012. It is hard to deny the fact that the business opportunities to develop this kind of drink in this market is optimistic when there are not many other brands operating in Australian market.

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It is not only about the market size, but also the market shares, multiculturalism and lifestyle. Gong Cha owner Kyle Lam knew that it was such a great opportunity because Australia is segmented especially in the big city such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, this kind of drink is really attractive to young generation. Products from bubble tea originally made from brewed tea precisely mixed with normal non-dairy milk, recognizing that one third of Australians prefer soy milk and lactose intolerant, Gong Cha researched and became the first milk tea brand introduce soy milk instead rather than change to other product offering (Hall, 2018). It was such an obvious market research from internal to external aspects and therefore launched appropriate strategies and tactics in order to develop in Australian market.

After 7 years established in Australia, Gong Cha nowadays is located widespread in many suburbs across the big cities and willing to expand in the near future.

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