The heart of her daughter by Jodi Picoult Review

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It acts as a shock: Already in the second sentence of the excerpt, the reader erfhrt from a car accident with tdlichem output. June, husband Jack and daughter Elizabeth (two years old) sitting in the car. Drunk fall has another motorist they abgedrngt from the street. Jack did not survived the accident. The police officer, Kurt Nealon, saves June and her little daughter, accompanied her to the hospital and continues to maintain contact with both. June and Kurt feel affection freely on the other, and they get married.

Five years later Claire was born. The small family erfhrt a little luck. Now has been rebuilt. One day turns a young man, Shay Bourne, to terminate the already begun work. (Who is this stranger Leichtglubigkeit just place in a police household instant access, I can not quite understand, I find not shown convincingly.) And worse, it can hardly come: Shay Bourne destroyed by his kaltbltigen double murder the little “Pflnzchen luck”. He kills Elizabeth and stepfather.

How is June cope with the damage Schicksalsschlgen? Shay Bourne is immediately arrested. In the first part of the actual process is described, specifically from the perspective of one of the twelve jurors of the young student Michael , In the second part the Strafma to be set. The prosecutor has the Hchststrafe – the death sentence – demanded. Very ausfhrlich portrays Michael the work of the jury. After all arguments Abwgen they come to a common opinion … Thus, the trial of a teenager who committed a brutal double murder, the central theme of the extract.

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The fact it can be clearly demonstrated; he has a gestrte childhood and mental illness … Nevertheless requested the death penalty. | How Many books and films have exactly this subject? The then described responsible Ttigkeit the jury is at least known to me for a long time. Insofar as the sample for me not just attracted. But my knowledge of several other novels by Jodi Picoult bestrkt my belief that they will use their writing talent convincingly in order to surprise in the further course of action the reader completely unexpected Ungewhnlichem that rob him of breath is.

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