The Health in My Eyes

In many people’s eyes, health means having a good body, having no illness, exercising much and having a great resistance to the outside. Of course, they are not wrong, but they are just don’t think all rounds of the health. In a comprehensive way, health contains three aspects: physical well-being, mental well-being and social well-being. The following is the introduction on health and some advice of it.

Physical well-being,

It is the most representative part of the health. It concludes a good body, a healthy diet, a regular time of rest… In a sense, it just means no smoking, no drinking.

At present, there are 1 billion 100 million smokers in all in the world, and the number of deaths from smoking related diseases every year is as high as 4 million. It is expected that smoking shorten the American life by 14 years. How dreadful the number is! There is no doubt that there is not only smoking, but other factors which have impacts on people’s health, such as drug taking and some people especially females eat weight-reducing aid for the beauty of vision.

Mental well-being

We can think of it as holding a positive attitude. It just like, such as, when you failed a quite important exam, you don’t think that you are stupid, and you don’t think that you are in a blind way. You will just think that you are unlucky and you didn’t play your normal level. I believe for a person with mental health, “failure is the mother of success” must exist in his mind.

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Refering to this, I will talk about the positive psychology. It mainly contains three parts. The first is positive emotional experience, such as happiness, satisfaction, optimism and so on. Positive psychology is committed to make a person a happy and meaningful person. The second is the active person GG, mainly studying the process of use and formation of the GG of all kinds of positive people, including the ability to love, the ability to work, the cuourage, the interpersonal skills and the feeling of beauty. The third is a positive social organization system, which mainly studies positive social systems(including national laws, regulations and policies). Positive psychology believes that human experience and potential are embodied in positive social organizations such as healthy families, good communities, effective schools and so on. (1)

Social well-being

A social well-being can be considered as having friends to share pain and sorrow. That is to say, we can judge a person’s social health by his public relations circle. Health sociology has the interdisciplinary nature of sociology and health science, this is because health problem is not only medical science, politics, economic, and culture all have influence on it.(2)


Since health is so important to us human, and it’s not single just like having no illness, we should try our best to be a body well-being, mental well-being and social well-being man.

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