Author's Hardship in The Glass Castle Memoir

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Throughout the memoir The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, the world was introduced to a make extremely poured, neglected girl who grows into a successful author and wife. Jeanette, herself, is a living proof of eventual success showing the world that no matter what situation you come from, eventual success is completely possible. She starts out with memories from the time when she was as young as three along with the rest of her family.

Constantly on the move, having no people in towns in the middle of the night “Rex Walls’ style” and lived in many places, all the way up to her present-day. Throughout her life, Jeanette dealt with poorness, hunger, not being given enough food, along with an alcoholic father and an unstable mother. But for Jeanette, the multiple shocking and truly terrible situations in her life only made her stronger, wiser, more loving and even more successful.

Jeanette’s dad, Rax Walls, was shown to be the reason for putting his daughter down since first page of the memoir to the last one.

He was an alcoholic man that all what is looking for is money to buy himself alcohol. He was bas as he brought Jeanette to a bar once in order to distract other drinkers for his benefit of making money. All of his behaviours did not make Jeanette other than a forgivable and loving daughter. This love was shown through her dialogue with her dad when he asked her, “But you always loved your old man, didn’t you?” And she answered him saying “I did, Dad, and you loved me.

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Beside her alcoholic father, her mother, Rose Mary, was an irresponsible mom; she was unstable and did not offer the appropriate care for her kids. Her role was not even a small bit similar to what a mother role should be. She let her kids feel hungry most of the time for not providing them food. She was the mom who stays outside home all day and caring about her own needs only. In the reader’s point of view, this could be a reason due to the careless her husband giving to her, reflecting that on her own kids. All of that did not make Jeanette a homeless person or someone who would hate and become worst, but she still treated her mom with a full respect and love. She showed the world that she could reflect positive impacts out of all of the negatives she was getting. She had an unconditional love and ultimate forgiveness that would make her a great role model for many of the generations in our society. She was able to accept her parents as they were. She approved the concept behind being a parent, whatever a parent or parents do, they should be always and forever treated as parents with respect and love. Jeanette tried her best to meet family fundamentals. As she said in one of her lines, “Everyone has something good about them. You have to find the redeeming quality and love the person for that” (144).

What made Jeanette to be able to have this conditional love and forgiveness was her ability to accept her parents as they were a drunk dad and an unstable mom. This was an evidence of her creativity and intelligence. Jeanette had suffered from many things such as hunger, oppression and malnourishment. But, she challenged all of that and was able to form a successful and loving person, herself.

The reader would feel the life of Jeanette as a heart-breaking, but the strength she had allowed the reader to gain part of her courage, love, strength and ultimate appreciation. She experienced very hard obstacles and learnt the most wonderful lessons. She used this experience to build her success and focusing on her future. She had become one of the popular authors with great writings. She became a wonderful wife. She was able to jump on the top of poverty and move to a better life. Her personality was not affected with hate and suffers, but she was a person who spreads success and love. Hardship and suffering can be overcome with love and forgiveness. Giving up is never a choice how hard the struggles are. Rising up from a life such as the one Jeanette had is the only way that would lead to a better life filled with success and happiness. As a result of her difficult childhood, Jeanette Walls has become a well-known author and a wonderful


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