The Greatest Fears of Mankind: Oblivion, Death, Being Hurt, the Irony of Life, and Love

All creatures in this world have their own weaknesses in certain things, which can lead to fear. Human have plenty of fear. It can be fear of insects or anything that is bizarre. Oblivion, the end of being alive or the destruction, or extinction of life, hurt, irony of life, and also love is just but few of Men’s greatest fear.

A state of being forgotten also known as oblivion is one of men’s greatest fears. They fear it because people are afraid to be forgotten by others.

“All people intend to have an extra-ordinary life, to be remembered” Augustus Waters from the movie “The Fault in our Stars” said. We are afraid of it because we believe that we have the right to be remembered by others. But, just like how Hazel Grace Lancaster argued, “There is gonna come a time where all of us will die, there is gonna be a time before human, there is gonna be a time after.

It could be tomorrow or it could be million years from now and when it does come there will be no one left to remember Cleopatra, Mohammad Ali or any of us. So, if you fear it just do not mind it”. So, we do not need to be afraid of it, because we cannot control it and remember, we do not need to be remembered at all times.

Death is also one of men’s greatest fears, why? Because “Death is inevitable”, in death, there is no such thing as beware, we can die tomorrow, years from now or anytime.

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No one knows when our life will end; we will just be gone, with or without unfinished business on earth, leaving our loved ones in grief, loss and the shock of never seeing us again. But, just like in the book entitled “90 Minutes in Heaven” by Don Piper, it says that despite the hardships and sufferings we experienced, there is still hope for us. Do not lose our faith in god. We do not need to fear death because we all know that we cannot stop it, world will be gone forever. So, what we need to do is just live our life to the fullest and live life in accordance to God’s will, so when time comes, we will not regret anything.

We, people are afraid of being hurt. We are afraid of committing mistakes because we do not want to be hurt by the one we love. We fear hurt because we know that it is very painful.

We all know that the way we treat people affects their life. If you are mean to someone and you are hurting them, you have a great impact on their life. We do not know what is happening in their life, so we do not have the right to mess it. A small thing can lead to big one that can change someone’s life forever. But, you just need to know that It is better to enjoy life, committing mistakes and learning something rather than play safe in your entire life and learned nothing at all.

Most of us are afraid in the irony of life, and also love. According to the story I had read entitled “The Bet”, Life is ironic, because it flows the way we do not plan it to go. Unexpected things can happen. One moment can lead to another. In just a blink of an eye, your life can change forever.

Love is strange. We love someone who does not have any feeling for us and people love us but we do not love them back. We all know that we cannot choose who we fall in love with. It is even surprising when you find out that everything you want now is not the same things you want before and we know that love comes in the least expected places and situations. When it happens you have two options? First is to accept it with open arms and second, is to let it go away. It is your choice. But always learn when to let go and when to hold on tight. We do not need to fear the irony of life and love. We just need to live like in the story “The Bet” which tells us to “Live the life you want and love the way you live”.

Albeit our fear is inevitable, do not be pessimist but always be optimistic in all that is happening, as they say, everything changes. As we grow up, we learn things in life that shape us to become what we are now. You can never change the past, but you can always make a brighter future. As what they say, “Tomorrow is another day”. So, do not let your fear affect your future, what you need to do is turn your weakness and fear into strength.

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