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The great plan by Wolfgang Schorlau Review Paper

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For years, dominated the “Greek bailout” headlines. High-ranking politicians from several countries discussed bitterly, how to proceed, and juggled it with technical terms that veiled the layman rather than openly wondered if now billion packages were theoretically intended for household or actually remitted to the south and who the bill, whether in real , would pay or deposit money. Many are surprised that Greece, despite all the “bailout” today does not significantly better off and many Greeks are still living in poor conditions. Billions have flowed, but where are they?

Wolfgang Schorlau could call an investigative novelist. It connects controversial political events and issues highly explosive after careful research with a fictional plot of the thriller genre. Using this method, he was most recently the murders of NSU after ( “The guardian angel” [Lesen here my review of Wolfgang Schorlau: “Die protective Hand” on books Rezensionen”

What Dengler and his ladies in the course of their investigation to find out leaves our breath away in the face of incredible events, and the money mountain, at issue, let us cheat. They uncover hidden machinations that served no means the improvement of Greece’s objective desolate economic situation. Rather had to network of European and American banks, hedge funds and investors with bonds and betting properly gambled. the billion-dollar “rescue package”, funded by European taxpayers, was stretched over those so implicated Schorlau, had ultimately caused the Greek debt crisis and still from every crisis money Knock out.

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Invariably face up to the readers of this type of investigative thrillers questions: Are the author to political enlightenment? the Krimiplot not then be diluted noble goal? Is a light novel a suitable medium, a complex, abstract economic issue prepare to understand? Even a an author, would be distorted or denied bother facts intricate operations that covered depending on the intention of the acting and where no theory unchallenged remains to determine and to present it convincingly.

Or is it about the author rousing entertainment? Counteracted so umfängliches topic such as international economic policy will not have the intended effect? How many elements of the novel are “true”, how many did he cope carved or fictitious, to the action to make exciting or to shock the audience? Uncover

If it is the author actually succeeded previously unknown truths as they could hide all the professional journalists and scientists remain withheld from the public? (That any elites have conspired to keep conspiracy theories, a whole people stupid, I can not convince.) Schorlau points in the epilogue ( “finding and inventing”) at his home, where he has links for readers interested in material and literature. <

in short, Schorlau has taken a heavy box on shore – and tidy verhoben my feeling it. Even the historical dimension he wants to embellish appropriate. The German Wehrmacht has been reported extensively in the course of “Greece rescue”, occupied the country, exploited and ruthlessly abused the population. After the war, Germany has resulting recriminations and compensation claims tried to lay in diplomatic negotiations to the files, but in the current debate, many Greeks derived from the historical guilt more or less radical demands for German cash injections from. Thus, the political / economic / historical thriller gets also a moral dimension, but designed Schorlau clear: On the one side are the Germans as Nazi criminals, commanders, misers and Raffgeier, on the other hand, the Greeks, abused , sucked, their chances deprived hospitable and virtuous as ever but despite all the misery. (Right, the author denounces how parts of the German media portrayed systematically as initiativlos, lazy, corrupt and refined “the Greeks”.)

So how do you bring in such a dense complex situation even an adequate detective story under? These constructed Schorlau the family of the kidnapped Anna Hartmann and plants her all relevant ingredients. Her stern grandfather Otto, principled, nationally minded bankers in a management position based retired a foundation that is to realize his vision of a united Europe under German leadership. Unfortunately, his son is unruly. Not even the disinheritance prevents him to marry a Greek. It was not until the birth of her granddaughter Anna is able to soften the old man. She will be foster child and should lead the foundation after his death.

The Entführungsplot languishes many pages in front of him. Searches lead nowhere, team meetings summarize the poor results, everyday business and relationship fuss occupy an important place. In between, there are a few dead. “Freelancer”, which will remain waft in the orbit of the kidnappers or their clients or compressed into ash and determination technically consequences disposed

Much has of provoking the shocking and shameful horror story of guaranteed at historically basis, which is told in parallel with the work of the team. The focus Otto Hartmann’s East Prussian comrade Gero of Mahnke (a fictional character). As all these storylines are linked, only open up the last sixty pages. Then the crime happening places really begins, and Dengler risked his life. What you had cherished in premonitions, but turns out to be coffee grounds, because the author draws a surprising ace out of his sleeve, and the motive is banal after all the flights of fancy after all.

I was the 450-page Schmöker too diffuse than that he was able to convince me. What Schorlau everything researched picky and explained consuming (including figures, charts, quotes and website) is simply impressive and instructive, but much is made of the critical media well known. His messages about the state of Europe and the world of finance frustrate deeply and shake hopefully the reader compositions (without being seated simple slogans). But the Krimiplot caught between two stools when he did not belong, and fascinated little. Schorlau narrative style often sounds boring and textbook-like, raising the stereotyped design of some characters too little life.

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