Mother's Emotional IQ and Uncle Terry's Special IQ

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While I’m sure I could think of many people who have displayed great emotional intelligence in my life, the most prominent of them all is my mother. From a young age I was raised to be very emotionally aware, both of myself and of others Those are two very different kinds of skills, but both can be equally important. She is the person who taught me to regulate my own emotions when I become too panicked or anxious, using self-soothing techniques and deep breathing.

Because of this tutelage I am able to face greater difficulties than I could otherwise imagine handling on my own She also taught me to recognize when my own emotions and bias might be clouding my viewpoint and therefore my judgement.

I am a lot like my mother in the sense that we are both very aware of people and their emotions, picking up on cues like word choice, body language, and tone of voice, She especially likes to learn about the lives of others, and always strives to be accepting even if she doesn’t personally identify with their experiences, This is a great thing she has passed on to me, the ability to learn about others without passing judgement in order to better understand who they truly are and why they may act the way that they do.

She taught me that you have no way of ever knowing what someone else might be going through, and that you shouldn’t make assumpLions based on your first impressions of people.

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On the other hand, I have my greateuncle Terry.

He was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a condition found on the autism spectrum Because of his disability, Terry cannot always properly identify how someone is feeling because he doesn’t pick up on social cues. It can be hard for him to “read the room” unless somebody explains how everyone is feeling and why. I’ve seen him say things that come across as insensitive, simply because he wasn’t able to identify how his words might have been hurtful, Now this isn’t to say that he isn’t intelligent, because Terry is one of the most logical-minded people I know and is excellent at problem» solving It just goes to show that there are all different kinds of intelligences, and just because he isn’t emotionally intelligent that doesn’t mean he’s stupid.

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