The Golden Legend by Nadeem Aslam Review

These days is “Sharia police” reopened the trial of the so-called. A couple of young Muslims were drawn with a sort of uniform by North Rhine-Westphalian cities to keep their peers to a lifestyle in accordance with Islamic law. That they described themselves as “police”, reveals their way of thinking: They will create order . Those who do not can admonish the will force them to his salvation.

The writer Nadeem Aslam was born in 1966 in Pakistan and fled with his parents to Britain in 1980, leads us into a real-world government in which everything must then judge what the Quran provides in its strictest interpretation.

Whether the result is pleasing to God and all believers there deserve paradise, is another question. But by the standards of many other cultures, religions and philosophies an existence under the conditions described

a story of Aslams novel appears humanely neither human nor “The Golden Legend” (Original:. ” the Golden Legend < "Nadeem Aslam: "The Golden Legend" at"

the novel tells the fates of two exemplary couples: Nargis and Massoud are both successful architects and modern, enlightened, culturally open-minded Muslims.

to their great property and the kitchen take care of the Christians Grace and Lily, like most of their fellow Muslims in the city of illiterate and poor devils who struggle through with simple auxiliary works. your intelligent daughter they can Helen provide no education, but their employer, even childless, they promote like and comprehensively, would you even a Auslandsst allow udium.

The package retains the two families relative safety, but is nothing but a tiny private island, every storm can sweep away.

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And what violence liberates hatred of false believers, it is clear to do as a Muslim, all in the belief that what is right, kill the Christian Grace. is that the perpetrator unusually cited in court and even sentenced to a life sentence, takes revenge killings on judges and other persons responsible for, and the liquidator appointed by Nargis and Massoud top lawyer has to go into hiding and his family to save his life. but the perpetrator comes after almost a year now free again, he has nevertheless proved to be pious man -. by learning the Koran by heart

In order not to stand out even more unpleasant, the architect couple avoids the public. Lily keeps away from them, only Helen, now nineteen years old, is still a day to her house to write essays in the library. The chance to go abroad, they can go, not to leave her father alone.

Another fateful turn brings to erect a new building for the order, the oldest library Zamanas. After its completion significant books from the old must be transferred to the new building historically and religiously under Massoud’s responsibility tons. Since no book in which the name of Allah or Mohammed appear, must come up with “unclean” in touch, each one will carefully from hand to hand passed, across a busy neighborhood. In the middle of this gigantic human chain it suddenly comes to a shootout, was fatally wounded in the Massoud. The subsequent investigations attract international circles, to the hidden give and take between the Pakistani intelligence and the CIA. Again, the perpetrator comes away with it, because corruption and obscure agreements justice Lever. Nargis, which could play a decisive role, which is outside the pressure, because too much is at stake for them. Even before her husband she has always kept secret that she is in fact a Christian, and so they will not fall only to the stirred up by the government Christians hate the victim, but also the rampant lust for murder of police officers who can earn entry to paradise, by killing infidels.

Helen gets now politically motivated clashes in the whirlpool. She falls in love Imran, arguing a young man from Kashmir, the Himalayan region to which India and Pakistan since the 1947th He wanted to be trained in a Pakistani terrorist training camp for guerrilla fighters against the hated neighbor, but changed his mind in the face of inhuman ideology better. As an apostate he lives in Zamana underground, like so many others as the author leads in this city under constant danger of death.

Because in shocking clarity in mind, all these events take place inconceivable in a totalitarian, repressive atmosphere Intensity. What looks to be a theocracy, is a de facto regime of terror. They are the rulers and the religious leaders themselves who whip up hatred of fanatical groups against each other propaganda. No one is immune from prosecution, an unbeliever anyway, but also a Muslim, if he is not the “right sort” Muslim

compliant helpers -. Policemen, soldiers, religious neighbors – are omnipresent. Who was blackened or displayed or simply aroused suspicion only, they harass. A decent payoff can sometimes prevent worse. The most infamous instrument of repression is the denunciation. Every day is announced by loudspeaker from the minarets of the city down who has violated any rule of religion, the culture, the accepted way of living together. The defendants are marginalized, arrested in worse cases, tortured, cruelly executed. In retrospect, the allegations prove (a Muslim ate pork, a Christian employee stole money, a Muslim had a liaison with a Christian and the like) often as groundless. But the truth is in such a system no value and no power.

The real heroes in Nadeem Aslams Roman are because even all the little people from different cultures and religions, persecuted, humiliated and mistreated while do not give up – not to themselves and not believing in the good. Many even ashamed that they made themselves too little for a tolerant coexistence, at least for the next generation to prepare a better country. Some desire to brave as some journalists or Muslim Aysha. Whose husband died as a martyr in the struggle, and that they must remain unsullied until they united in paradise again with her husband. Your in-laws, they monitor so severe and threatening her worst punishment, should they defy the rules. That they received an affectionate connection with a Christian, it can cost you your life.

Nadeem Aslam writes a prose that, the Financial Times as “crystalline” characterized and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung praised the publisher as “bright” he clubs “the epic force of the great European novelists with the powerful, exuberant imagery of oriental literature.” The world he adorned with the beauty of his language, however, is a hell on earth. The desire for torture of fellow human beings – torture, maim, burn, behead – knows no boundaries, if you believe in harmony with the sacred laws of Sharia and fears even the slightest criticism as the work of the devil

. was religious defines Pakistan from the beginning. In order to solve the constant conflicts between Hindus and Muslims in India, the British shared their colony in 1947 in two States ( “Partition of India”): India and Pakistan (with the two parts of West and East Pakistan, later Bangladesh). Nine years later, Pakistan called the first country in the world “Islamic Republic,” but remains to this day one of corruption, violence and conflicts of all kinds shattered unstable structure. So the people of the region, an eternal bone of contention and plaything of foreign powers are disenfranchised for centuries in eternal conflict, oppressed and slaughtered. Was once to blame for any abuse of the British colonial Lord, today every evil influence of the United States is attributed. America’s secularity and liberality made the country the nemesis of all> true believers. “<

And yet here survived even the beauty of life and human culture. We walk by paradisiacal gardens of Arabian Nights. High in the shady crown of a tree swim hundreds of little fish, each in its own plastic bag. From there, explains the goldfish seller, can their home, the river view. It is to make sure that he has deprived the creatures of their freedom of his way of apology.

At the end leaves us the author is not bitter or resigned, but with a tiny glimmer of hope. Nargis, Helen and Imran find for a while a bit of luck in an emblematic place of refuge: an island with an ideal Mosque for the four world religions, the vision of a future in tolerance and peace


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