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The goal of my project was making a good Public Service Advertisement Paper

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The goal of my project was making a good Public Service Advertisement which can give information about phone addiction to audiences and also raise awareness about serious of phone addiction by waring people with my project (Public Service Advertisement). Today, phone became very common thing in our lives; also it gave us lots of convenience so it made us we can’t live without our phone. Actually, today, number of people who addicted to phone is increasing than the past and this shows phone addiction became a serious common problem (world problem).

My personal project’s goal was come from my curiosity about phone addiction. Like I said above, phone became very common thing in our lives, so I could see most of the people are using their phone very commonly in my life. And I thought today, lots of people use their phone too much times in a day so I started to wonder about phone addiction. I’ve heard about phone addiction before, but I didn’t know about it deeply. So I wanted to study and research about it and I wanted to share my information about phone addiction to audience. I thought it will be a good chance to warn about phone addiction to audiences and also good chance to decrease number of people who addicted to phone and make better future.

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I decided to choose “Scientific and Technical Innovation” for my global context and I decided to concentrate the context. The reason why I chose scientific and technical innovation for my global context was, I thought in our life we are using Internet, Phone, etc. commonly which can lead us to addict to phone, and those things were showed by scientific and technical innovation. Also we are using technical things by adapting to scientific and technical society. This global context that I chose helped me to focus on how phone and the other technical things changed our lives and how they were used. I could find two different aspects (pros and cons) of phone and internet by my global context, so I could compare those aspects and I could get more information.

This project was challenge for me because first, I’ve never do my project about “Phone Addiction” before. I’ve seen lots of different kinds of public service advertisement before, but I’ve never seen the public service advertisement about phone addiction before. Also I’ve never had chance to get knowledge about phone addiction deeply before. My second challenge was making public service advertisement. I’ve never made public service advertisement before, so I didn’t know what good PSA (public service advertisement) is and how to make it. I had to think a lot to make better work which can achieve my goal (teach people and warn people). My last challenge was to research lots of things and I had to choose just little important information that I will put them in to my PSA. It was new challenge for me to research lots of information that I need for my project and choose only little information among them. So in this part, I had to think a lot too to choose important information that I have to use to give information to audiences.

ii. Identify prior learning and subject-specific knowledge relevant to the project

Before I start my project, I learnt definition of phone addiction, and how it will affect to our lives, but I didn’t learn about it deeply. I just learnt it from around my life like in video, documentary, etc. That information that I learnt helps me to get lots of ideas and made me to think widely. Also I’ve seen lots of public service advertisement before, so this knowledge helped me when I make my own public service advertisement. I’ve saw what information does PSA have, and the contents of PSA. That information helped me to think about what I have to include to my project. Lastly, I’ve written the story board before, and that thing helped me to write my story board faster when I write it for my project. And that story board that I made helped me to reduce time when I make my project.

iii. Demonstrate research skills

During this project, I developed my research skill. I learnt how to find reliable sources, evaluate the sources, and how to use the information as a part of my knowledge of my project. ?Extract 1?During I research information for my project, first, I list which information I need for my project. Next, I researched that information. In each source, I distinguished the information that I really need with my research skill. I also evaluate those sources too. I wrote bibliography of every source that I researched. In this part, I could clearly learn about how to write “perfect” bibliography (MLA 8 format). Also I learnt how to write OPVL. Writing OPVL was challenge for me because before I’ve never write it. I also evaluated sources with authority, accuracy, objectivity and currency. ?Extract 2?I could distinguish reliable sources and I could evaluate each sources carefully. By using my research skill, I could get more reliable and credible sources.

During research for my project, I used both primary sources, and secondary sources. For primary source, I made a mind-map with all my knowledges about phone addiction. Also, I asked to my peers about their thinking of phone addiction. ?Extract 3?Those things helped me to get more basic knowledges about phone addiction and for my project.

For secondary source, I included video (You Tube), article, photograph, blog, etc. I evaluated those sources with MLA 8 format and OPVL format to distinguish the sources that I researched for my project are reliable sources or not and also to distinguish they have information that I need. Before, I’ve researched information about my topic, but I’ve never evaluate the sources that I researched before. When I research information, I was quite interesting because I could find lots of new information about my topic, and I could think more widely with that new information for my project.

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This sample paper is done by Joseph, whose major is Psychology at Arizona State University. All the content of this work is his research and thoughts on The goal of my project was making a good Public Service Advertisement and can be used only as a source of ideas for a similar topic.

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