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The Giver Research Paper Topics & Free Essay Examples

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The Giver: Study Guide- Chapter 13

Why does Jonas care about the color of his tunic? Jonas realizes that having different colors of clothing means having choices. And, while the color of his shirt isn’t important, it is the ability to choose or decide which is very important. (Lowry 123) On page 124, Jonas comes to a different conclusion about allowing…

Examples Of Sameness In The Giver

Could the idea of sameness be harmful? The idea of sameness was presented in Lois Lowry’s novel, The Giver, where Jonas the main character lived in a community that everyone was the same. On the other hand, Jonas became the Receiver of Memory and realized that sameness was not as perfect since they had to…

Social Issues In The Giver

Social commentary in literature is defined as “the act of using rhetorical means to provide commentary on issues in a society.” In “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, social commentary methods highlight some important social justice issues. In this essay I give evidence and examples of Lowry’s social commentary which show how her own concerns about…

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The Giver Essay

The Giver You: “Mom, Dad; do you love me? ” Mom and Dad: “Are you kidding me!? ” In the novel “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, the main character, Jonas changes and reveals a very important theme. Jonas in the beginning of the story was a very clueless character, and throughout the story he changes…

Essays On The Giver

Lois Lowry depicts an ideal society in her book The Giver. She successfully accomplishes this by conveying a utopian community through the eyes of a young boy named Jonas and she even won the John Newbery Medal for its great success. By following the protagonist, the reader is given the ability to recognize the ways…

Literary Devices In The Giver

Lois Lowry, an American writer that had written over forty children’s books and received numerous awards, delivered her point of view through the book, “The Giver.” Throughout the book, it displayed the importance of the memory, the importance of the individual, and the effect on how the community works in the condition of autonomy. Lowry…

The Giver Cda

Working with diverse groups of infants, preschoolers and school age children has been an integral part of my life for the past 11 ? years. A lot can be learned from observing the almost magical transformation children undergo in their first few years of life. It takes a curious tot to point out the trail…

The Giver's Ending

Jonas and Gabe was walking towards the door. Jonas hears the same music that he had heard early. As Jonas and Gabe get closer, the music gets louder. When Jonas opens the door he sees that the fire place is lit which is weird since no one else would leave the community, but as Jonas…

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