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The girl who saved Christmas by Matt Haig Review Paper

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The fact that Santa Claus every year blessed the children of men with wonderful gifts to us is as natural as the testimony presents the school year. Who would have thought that there was a dark time without this practice full of wonder and magic again that Santa Claus is in truth Nikolas and he comes from Finland? Something know who to the wonderful, loving made Christmas book “The girl who saved Christmas” gets involved. The British author Matt Haig (* 1975) is fired from unending volleys of witty, absurd, imaginative ideas, exciting adventures and changing moods. What is it about and how it all starts, that betrays the very title. But the storyline is so surprising in its ingenuity, sometimes humorously, sometimes action rich, sometimes depressing, sometimes macabre, that remains until the end on the ball. Sophie Zeitz Venturas excellent translation, the DTV presenting now time for Christmas, is the published in the UK in 2016 Original ” The girl who saved Christmas ” Matt Haig:” The girl who saved Christmas “at”

the eight-year-old Amelia Wishart we owe that the miracle Christmas’re still pleased. She lives in 1840 in London. The father died in the war in faraway Burma, Mother Jane keeps herself and her daughter aufgewecktes as Schornsteinfegerin afloat. But Mrs Wishart is seriously ill. Since she is confined to bed, Amelia takes her toil into the narrow, dirty vents. So that the child deserves at least as much as the two meager for their diet and Janes need important medicine. Soon the mother speaks of her impending death. You got taken precautions that Amelia would not starve on the street, but will included in the workhouse.

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More Reviews beautiful: Books and music CDs for the Advent and Christmas time, see Books and music for the Advent and Christmas on books reviews” / a>.

A cruel idea for the girl. In desperation, she wrote a wish list to Santa Claus, the only one can make the miracle. Her only wish: “that you make my mother healthy before it is too late.” The year before her firm belief had radiation to Father Christmas a magical light in the sky, which led him safely into the lane where Amelia lives. Then he had quite unexpectedly the stocking she had hung up on her bed, filled with toys.

Amelia’s letter reached in time its addressee in elf village Elfhelm, where preparations are in full swing. Even night shifts are inserted to fix last production difficulties so stowed all the toys in the “inexhaustible bag” and can be managed on the reindeer sleigh.

But no one expected the baseness of trolls. These are huge, ugly creatures, vary in size and horrible to look at, because some has two heads, another only one eye, which he did in order to be able to better see around corners, can take out of the eye socket. This rabble lives in a maze of underground caves, babbling dummdreist with Hessian tonguing and feeds on fried goats. (In a pinch, they would also eat one of Wicht elk, although are not very nutritious.) Befallen by a mysterious delusion, about which not even the standard work “Full Trollpedie” to provide information know they tear open the earth, diving from all soil columns on, throwing boulders around, stamp their misshapen feet a kind Schuhplattler. In an action that even Father Wodol, Imp with the biggest vocabulary and publisher troll newspaper “The days of snow”, for words can wrestle ( “A … a … Mega-Giga Popelplex!”), Fall the monsters on Elfhelm ago, destroying it and submerge the debris in the soil. Christmas will have to turn out.

On earth it looks no less dreary. Amelia’s mother dies, and the girl is done in the dark workhouse, where they have to toil in the laundry. An escape attempt fails. After a painful year, she has lost all hope. Against the Santa Claus that made her so bitter in the lurch, she cherishes a special fury.

The Elves have spent the whole year in order to build their village. This Christmas can go wrong any more. The carriage shines even more beautiful luster than before its destruction. Kipp, head of the sledge Center has technically updated the vehicle with compass, altimeter, engine and telephone. The reindeer are tense, the “inexhaustible bag” is filled, and Santa departs through wide on his trip to London to Amelia.

Was Kipps altimeter not mature completely? In any case, the reindeer vehicle with full force shoots through a huge window of a huge building and skids across fine parquet floor, until it comes to a stop in front of a poster bed. It awakened by the roar of the most exalted person in the world, Queen Victoria. Difficult to succeed the suspect dressed man with a full beard to convince her majesty that he is not French assassin, but an emissary from Elfhelm with an important mission. .

As soon escaped the threat of execution, expect Santa Claus the next adventure, for now he has to find Amelia. The is now regarded as rebellious brat and is, to teach and educate Mores an obedient girl imprisoned in a dark Kellerverließ the work house. How can the thick older man enter there? Luckily, he meets Charles Dickens, the specialist for the plight of poor children of his time, and has a great idea … After Amelia’s liberation and the huge Beschenkungsreise to all children of the world still seethe in Wichteltal troll dangers – in short: a merry Christmas we see here is not so fast.

this is outlined the framework for adults looking for an original gift coarse, and more will not be revealed, because even for the adults, it is highly amusing, exciting and sexy, enchanted by all the strange events and be surprised.

the older readers are, the greater pleasure they will feel the bizarre ideas and allusions of the author. Delicious scenes at court, the very disrespectfully – even the highest animals are just people like you and me – to demonstrate how the Queen and her German Prince Consort Albert treat each other (by the way quite consistent with the historically authentic truth). to make intelligent the incident, Charles Dickens (known to himself the author of a “Christmas story”) occur and recur on subjects of his books

The recommended age -. ten to twelve years – is justified. For tender-hearted younger readers some of the offered adventure may be hard to swallow. The trolls are disgruntled about at all Dödeligkeit and despite their cute little dialect and evil nature. The fabricated by Chris Mold with fine line and attention to detail black and white illustrations concretize the one hand, what the text evokes, on the other hand they give the creepy creatures face and figure, in turn, capture the imagination and can scare a child. How (whose drastic do not want to expect some parents today’s children) in old fairy tale experience the little ones after the emotional turmoil of failure, cruelty and death at the end to facilitate the happy ending: Successfully making the courageous Amelia resistance to the unjust domination by the opinionated adults who get really bad one over fried, and Christmas is, as anyone can see firsthand saved.

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