The Gift that I Got

Giving and receiving at the same time is an unexpected gift exchanges, and this has been my personal experience with the elderly people. Their presence in my life has been a beautiful gift to me. The problem with age differ depend from each culture, and what is important for the individuals. For senior’s life well-lived is the most important thing in life, and it varies from each individual and values, goals, expectations in life and cultural beliefs.

Being able and open to care for someone who used to care for us, it is the highest award that I ever had in my life.

Since I was a younger boy, I always been around grown people, and discover that getting older is an undeniable life’s process. It is innate to all human being without exceptions. And as part of the elderly packets come maturity, wisdom, freedom and respectability. Older people are valued. They are the roots of our families, wise and guardian of traditions.

Since I was 18 years old I been working with the elderly community, and have meet many people that in some point I take care of them, and at the same time I can say that they have done the same for me. Their advices of life benefit myself in many unexpected ways. My best friend for more than 20 years already, is 88 years old.

Aged people are the purest form of wisdom. They have lived in this world long enough. They have thought me respect for others, perseverance and wisdom.

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Being around them and caring, create relationships. However, in the beginning to connect with them was not easy. It was a process that grow little by little. I have learned to be patience with myself and to others, how to be tolerance. Because they have lived enough, they have plenty experience about life. Aged people have had different experiences. As part of the life, they have been through their ups and downs of daily life. I have learned how to face different types of problems in order to lets things go and continue. Also, how everyone has problems and anyone is able to overcome of it. Aging people love to share, and I think they deal with things in an intense way.

They teach me how to look at things in a deeper and meaningful way. Aged people help me to see the value of each individual, and find the essential of them. They teach me every day that there are always good things that you could find in people. Thank to older people I have learned and discover my identity, and who I am. Another presence that I got from the older is that I become more self-aware and wiser through all the things they had teach me, like calmness and serenity from all the experiences and lessons they have passed through and collected through the years they provide for all of us a better stage for us follow. Sharing with old people have benefit me in many ways and prepares me to value the little thing of life.

When I think about most of the older people that I have meet in my life, especially my friend, many great things come to my mind. The best way that I could describe them is as the most grateful people. Most of them are thankful for the life that they had and the many things that they had live. It could surprise some people, but in my experience most of the seniors are among the happiest people. In this stage of life, they only care for the essential, and that is love.

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