The Future and the Goal of Correction

The prisoner should use rehabilitation, incapacitation or retribution for many reasons because the people who works there and inmates a lot of trouble and situation. What do they better for the inmates for rehabilitation? There many of people trouble in the United States of America includes: drug, robbery, murder, burglary, and motivation. The most time of the people can’t stop them own self from drug.

The police officer caught some of the people incarcerated from drug. The population incarcerated who had drug about 47% in the US.

In the 2018, drug treatment is 15,000 and no treatment is 20,000. what is compare drug treatment or non-treatment, but non-treatment is high of people, some of them leg shake or hand shake or eat nails tempt drug. That why the inmates need the help as rehabilitation as against the drug. In the history about 1800s to 1900s, tending to the judge decide the inmate face to death penalty the incapacitation. In the timeline from 1700 to 1900, how do the inmate to die? In the 1700s, used rope for hanging, in the 1800s, used electric chair, and in the 1900s used injection to die.

To me, I don’t like any use death penalty because people who is happy to die as quick and no pain. I think better people incarcerate for sentence 20 to 30 years as painful then death penalty. People won’t know about whether God welcome to people from die to heaven or not, we can’t see what God doing with people. Last one the retribution, the police office caught person drug or cars or bond use for the police department new upgrade or more new police car and old car throw to junk yard.

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If person is victim, then the police department pay back to the victims or get sue.

I do support a rehabilitative to treating juvenile delinquents, but I don’t support punitive to treating juvenile. Why do I support a rehabilitative for juvenile because the kids not know to how to be adult in the future better and the prison is difficult life than the outsider. The police officer or social work need to observe the kids’ behavior.

Certainly, the parents worrying about their own children get hurt or bad physical, if the kids get out of the jail or the prison. I don’t support punitive to juvenile because if the kids’ bad behavior then must be punishment. When kids get out of it, kids become adult who get the child. They will be punishing their own child because they were in the jail and that somehow police officer bad influent to kids for bad example and copy from them.

I don’t think they should be punitive to juvenile wait until under age of 18. The kids too young shouldn’t get punishment. How does the juvenile get a discipline? they should be like the boot camp, or program can help the juvenile’s environment.

A group of special needs offenders greatest challenge for corrections.

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