The Five Points in My Music Philosophy

I have more of an extrinsic philosophy when it comes to teaching music. I still believe that some qualities of the intrinsic View are important but I feel that the extrinsic qualities can help students decide if they don‘t want to become a music major. The five points I find that are exclusive and most important are: the sense of family, professionalism, cooperation (civil discourse), self-discipline, and self-confidence, When in any musically oriented group there is always that sense of family, When in a musical group you are not up on stage by yourself, you are up on stage with other people who you depend on and expect to know their partjust as well as you do Also, when in the group you spend a lot of time together, in and out of class.

My choral director would always have camp the week before school for each choir to have team building exercises and to learn music faster/sooner. in addition, as when I was in marching band, we had band camp to learn our show.

During that time together everyone got to know each other on a better level before school started, It’s because of time like this that people create that family like bond with each other. That sense of family is very important to certain students that are trying to find their place a sense of belonging. There is also a professional correlation with performing and being in an ensemble. When you are on a recruitment for younger kids to join choir later on in life you want to show them how “grown up“/professional you are.

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Even when I went to amusement parks, for choral trips, my friends and I would act as professional as we could while wearing our shirts as well as when we were in a big group. It may be fun to be silly or immature at that time in your life, but you don‘t want to make your school, more specifically your choir, look bad. If we had acted like that, than it would have given us a bad, “unprofessional” reputation, When going out into the real world it is an essential skill to have.

You would never want to go [0 a business meeting with someone who is unprofessional and treats everything like a game. In order for the music program to be successful, it is imperative to have cooperation between the students and teacher. In choir, everyone’s part is equal, If one part is much louder than the other then the music does not sound right and won’t be pleasing to the ear. Students learn that if they all work together and realize that every part is equal, it sounds awesome. They learn cooperation through this process of ear training. This is a very important skill to obtain for example: if you worked in an office and your boss puts you on a project with people that you don’t like? You are not going to let them affect the quality of your work, are you? If you have cooperation, then you would have said no. When in class, there will always be that one kid that wants to goof off and not pay attention. However that student soon realizes that you have to be focused when learning, and self-disciplined when performing.

I was always taught that I should NEVER talk in between songs during a performance, It is considered unprofessional to talk in between songs during a performance and I always make sure to look and act professionally when on and off stage. My middle school teacher used to have all of her students stand, with good posture, without talking, or looking around, for one minute every class. It may not seem that hard now, but to middle school students it really helped with changing our demeanor for the class. Self-discipline is an essential trait that can be used in your adult life For instance, there is a co-worker that you just cannot stand. Every time they open your mouth you just want to yell at them, but you use self-discipline to restrain yourself from doing that. When I first started out in Choir 1 had the worst case of stage fright. As time passed, I got better at being in front of a large audience.

This shows that there is an element of self-confidence linked with performing in musical groups. The students attain this quality easier in groups because they are not the only ones on stage so they know that everyone is going to be watching them the whole concert, The sense of self»confidence helps with many real life situations, for example: let’s say that someone wants to ask their boss for a raise. It would be much easier if the “someone“ was confident in themselves and came up with points of why they should get that raise. It would also help with the talking to a superion All in all, the extrinsic is overall more helpful to the age range that I would like to teach, which is elementary and high schooll I feel that the sense of family, professionalism, cooperation, self-discipline, and self-confidence are all extremely significant traits to obtain for real life and also performing.

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