5 Focus Areas in Health & My Reflections as Manager

A culture of health and wellness is basically the fundamentals it takes to have a healthy community, society, etc. There are five main areas that should be of focus. The first one includes making health a shared value, For example, many people in the United States do not value their health as they should. Americans have the reputation of being lazy and eating out way too much, whereas in other parts of the world they are more aware of what goes into their bodies, The second area of interest is to come up with a plan that will improve health This could be done by hosting programs that provide awareness.

For example, many African American women do not know they may be at risk of breast cancer. Every 1 in 9 African American women are at risk of developing the disease.

Steps for prevention can be put into place if they were more aware. The third step to creating a culture of health and wellness is to create healthier communities.

This could be done by hosting events that teach communities how to grow and cook their own vegetables. The fourth step is to unite health facilities and systems. Often Patients have to deal with logging into different systems to receive their information. This can be frustrating for both patients and providers. The last step is equity, the healthcare system must provide equity among patients. Equity differs from equality in a major way. Equality gives everyone the same amount of something This does not mean it is fair or of value.

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Equity amongst patients makes sure that patients have what they need to be healthy. As a future healthcare manager I believe that I can sustain a culture of health and fitness. Healthcare managers are responsible for directing, planning, and advocating I personally would ensure that operations are running smoothly and if it is not I will seek a solution from other healthcare professionals. I am not too proud to ask for advice and guidance, I will also try my best to help each and every individual reach their individual goal for health and wellness. Everyone has their own definition of health and wellness, I want to be able to help those who are unsure and also need guidance.

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